Transforming a Victim Mindset to a CHAMPION MINDSET Changes Everything!

By: Perceptum Group
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Champion vs Victim Mindset
Champion vs Victim Mindset
SAN FRANCISCO - April 16, 2019 - PRLog -- Think about how many people you know who are unhappy, constantly complaining about their jobs, seem to see nothing but obstacles and barriers in their lives and tend to blame the world for their problems. Unfortunately, most of us can identify too many of these folks at work, in our neighborhoods, schools and even in our families. The "victim" mindset is sadly much too common, and the consequences of having so many people in this mode include things like decreased joy and celebration, an overall feeling of gloom and doom and a focus on problems not solutions. For companies, it can mean lost productivity and a negative culture.

The good news is that the victim mindset can be transformed and more importantly, prevented. The opposite mindset can be described as "champion mode" in which, despite challenges and obstacles, a person sees opportunities, options and hope. A person in champion mode will intentionally work to find new steps, short and long-term solutions to difficulties and will share a positive and productive attitude with everyone around them. So, what is the secret? How is it possible to remain optimistic, to view life in a positive light and to be willing to keep moving forward regardless of challenges and difficulties? The Perceptum Group out of San Francisco, CA has come up with a novel approach to helping people develop and maintain a champion mindset and behaviors. Based on solid science and taking advantage of the neuroplasticity of the human brain, the Perceptum Transformational Learning System® (PTLS®) has at its core amazingly useful tools and tactics to help anyone adopt a champion mindset and behaviors as a lifestyle.

Why is this so important? "All of us are looking for ways to help ourselves live our lives with joy and fulfillment regardless of what we do for a living and the challenges life presents to us," says James M. Thein, Perceptum Founding Partner. "Being able to weather difficulty, stay hopeful and keep moving forward with enthusiasm and optimism not only makes our lives better, but influences everyone around us to help our society thrive." The champion mindset helps people work together to make good things happen. Whether you are a parent trying to raise a teenager, a teacher trying to mentor students or a corporate manager trying to get your team energized, helping yourself and others adopt a champion mindset and actions is the key to creating success.

Dr. Michael Dunphy, a Perceptum Managing Partner and co-designer of the PTLS® says, "The human mind is a sophisticated and programmable bio-computer. What we think, affects how we feel and influences what we choose to do. A recent blog produced by Perceptum,, provides insights into actions we can take to adopt a champion perspective and really increase the quality of our lives."

Perceptum lives in San Francisco, California, but its clients are worldwide and service is available 24/7. Contact Perceptum online, at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium, or call #415.596.0337. For more information on the Perceptum Transformational Learning System®, visit us at


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