New ITSM Book & Training Course Available, "Delivering ITSM For Business Maturity, A Practical Framework" by Beverly Weed-Schertzer

"Delivering ITSM For Business Maturity, A Practical Framework" is available through Emerald Publishing. IT Service Management (ITSM). "ITSM Business Maturity" course is an imperative part of achieving business maturity. This book tackles the challenges to reach ITSM success.
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The Book
The Book
WAYNE, N.J. - April 18, 2019 - PRLog -- edifyIT, LLC-- Beverly Weed-Schertzer, author of "Delivering ITSM For Business Maturity, A Practical Framework" is the Founder of edifyIT, LLC. Her book and training course "ITSM For Business Maturity©", offers business leaders a refreshing perspective on ITSM approaches to fit practices in their organization that produce the right results.

Business leaders and corporate thinkers struggle with technology providers to find their way to a successful and high performing ITSM Business Model¬©. However, only a small percentage of companies have been able to reach their business goals  through ITSM practices.

This new book, "Delivering ITSM for Business Maturity: A Practical Framework" and training course "ITSM For Business Maturity" helps business leaders and corporate thinkers navigate their way to a successful and high performing ITSM Business Model. Using an original combination of yoga science and service management principles, Weed-Schertzer offers business professionals a way of taking back control of their ITSM program, and helps with innovation for those starting a new one. For anyone in the information technologies profession, or for managers of IT professionals, this book is an unmissable guide to creating a strong, forward-thinking foundation for ITSM processes.

The author creates an authentic ITSM model featuring insights from her career is an invaluable treasure trove of practical, hands-on advice from her expertise spanning over twenty-five years. Jam-packed with easy-to-implement suggestions, you'll hear sage advice from an ITSM expert who launch, merge, and has had success with these practices.

Each chapter provides in depth descriptions of The Authentic Service Progression© (TASP), ITSM Fundamentals, ITSM Culture, and connecting the elements to master real world achievement with ITSM best practices. The book also helps to clear up any confusion with ITSM frameworks and tools.

From day one when choosing to adopt ITSM practices, the mindset and focus will determine success or failure! This book and training course is a fresh perspective on a growing area to enable businesses to turn theory into practice.

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