The Hidden Pricetag by Paula F. Howard A Metaphysical Thriller Now Available on

How the World REALLY Works! What if you could have anything you wanted but knew there was a price to pay. Would you pay it?
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The Hidden Pricetag - A Metaphysical Thriller
The Hidden Pricetag - A Metaphysical Thriller
ORLANDO, Fla. - March 18, 2019 - PRLog -- The Hidden Pricetag is a recently published metaphysical thriller by P.F. Howard available on

Can you keep your desires secret? If you could have anything you wanted but knew there was a price. Would you pay it?

In The Hidden Pricetag, Angela Seaver was unaware she had a secret desire, but the Universe knew. Entering a candy store, she was never the same again. Detective Phillip Bradley took one step too far during an investigation and entered the Afterlife. There he discovered how the world REALLY works.

Following this metaphysical thriller, readers may discover an explanation for their own life. Is this story really fiction…or is it fact?

Based on years of metaphysical research, Ms. Howard has created a story that may explain many metaphysical concepts and wraps it in a very "down-to-earth" page-turning thriller.

The Hidden Pricetag is Ms. Howard's first self-published book which is now available for purchase in paperback ($4.99) and Kindle (from $2.99) on

What Five Star Reviews Are Saying:

From the very first sentence, this story drew me in and kept me wondering what will happen next. Weaving together suspense and insight, I was enthralled throughout this amazing story. I would recommend this story to anyone who wants to be challenged to see beyond this world and into the metaphysical. – Amazon Customer

I am rarely drawn to anything written about metaphysical topics, but a friend insisted this is a book I should make it a point to read. Well, I looked it up on Amazon, and the first thing I noticed was that this recently published book had been given three reviews… all three FIVE star ratings. So, I placed my order, and boy I was glad I did. This book makes you think!  – Jack

I'm always amazed at how creative authors can be. Ms. Howard has created another world and invited us in to explore this world. She challenges the reader to consider whether her world is real or if the world we live in is false. Similar to the Matrix, it leaves you wondering. Highly recommend this book. – Queen Aleta


Paula F. Howard is an award-winning writer and first-time self-published author. Having researched metaphysical topics for decades, she now applies her knowledge to creative writing skills. Formerly a communications executive in Cleveland, Ohio, she is now based in Florida as a Freelance Writer/Editor. Ms. Howard is also a registered nurse and returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Learn more at

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