OpsVeda Announces General Availability of Version 8.0 of its Real-time Operational Decisions Platform, Including the AI-powered Assistant JUNI

Software furthers automated discovery of business "Opportunities" and lays the foundation for robotic process automation in the enterprise.
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OpsVeda 8.0 Landing Page
OpsVeda 8.0 Landing Page
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Jan. 25, 2019 - PRLog -- OpsVeda today announced the general availability of version 8.0 of its industry leading Real-time Operational Decisions platform. The latest version includes JUNI, the domain aware AI-powered assistant that will make it easy for enterprise users to explore trends, exceptions and opportunities in their everyday functions across planning, execution and decision making.  Users can leverage JUNI to carry out domain intelligent search for existing content as well as to put together their own content with an easy to use interface. JUNI anticipates the user needs and highlights insights that could or should trigger action. This is possible because JUNI learns from streaming data, and from user interactions in light of business practices (Domain Awareness). While the platform comes pre-loaded with detailed rules for various business processes, the same can be easily customized and configured to continuously learn company-specific practices.

Significant additions and improvements in OpsVeda 8.0 include:
  • JUNI as the new foundation for dollar prioritized Opportunity Apps http://youtu.be/RzIyc4A2jdo
  • Additional Opportunity Apps to drive margin optimization
  • Additional Opportunity Apps to drive inventory optimization
  • Support for advanced slice and dice on complex measures like days of inventory and fill-rate
  • User ability to configure rich multi-faceted storyboards with zero dependence on IT
  • User ability to park dynamic data insights, share with colleagues, and pin them as favorites for self and team
  • Enhancements to alert framework for more granular selection of exceptions, support for custom alert functions and improved message personalization
  • Improved interaction capabilities in visualizations and decision automation

"Over the years, OpsVeda has evolved from the real-time operational intelligence solution, to a platform for Real-time Operational Decisions. For our customers, we strive to be the system that provides the most current information, for the most optimized decision making," said Sanjiv Gupta, CEO of OpsVeda.  He added, "I am especially proud of the leap we are making with version 8.0. It is no longer about presenting intelligence and reports to users. Rather, the intelligent system ought to prescribe to users what needs attention or action, and very soon, with user pre-authorization, automate that action. By learning and prescribing what needs immediate attention, JUNI makes every user a part of the organization's digital transformation. Digital initiatives are no longer about data lakes, esoteric tools and long implementations that serve a few. With JUNI, every employee becomes a change agent. Each of them has the power to analyze and optimize, to drive top & bottom line improvements."

Customer response

OpsVeda reported that early adopters of JUNI reported significantly improved capability in conducting ad-hoc analysis of operational issues.  Teams highlighted the ease with which they are able to carry out robust data analysis before making decisions. Earlier, they were forced to go with their intuition because of analyst and IT lead times.

Ratheesh Raveendran, Product Owner of JUNI, credited the positive response to the in-built domain awareness. He said, "JUNI understands enterprise operations and supply chain practices. It will expand the conversation by going beyond the requested information to point out anomalies and observations that may be relevant in the larger context of the interaction."

Mr. Raveendran mentioned that the market has responded equally well to other features included in OpsVeda 8.0. "In many ways 8.0 is about the voice of the customer. So, it is no surprise that customers are seeing value. We made a concerted effort to assimilate improvements that customers requested explicitly and implicitly," he said. "A good example is what we have done with the exception management framework. For years customers have been using it successfully to streamline operations. 8.0 includes features for mass resolution of exceptions. Further, we have incorporated handling of multiple exceptions, data attributes and aging towards alerts and decision automation," he added.

About OpsVeda

OpsVeda is an enterprise software company bringing to market a real-time operational decisions platform with patented data hub technology and AI. Focused on Operations and Supply Chain, the powerful insight-to-action solutions deliver predictive visibility and prescriptive automation towards opportunities, risks, and process exceptions across the enterprise functions of order fulfillment, supply, manufacturing, logistics, inventory, and retail. OpsVeda customers span consumer-packaged goods, food and beverage, fashion and retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and high-tech industries.


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