Update To Z5 Inventory App Drags Hospitals Out Of Count Sheet Dark Ages

Allowing healthcare providers to rely on the safety blanket of count sheets while updating them to a 21st-century, digital product capture model, Z5 Inventory makes the count and valuation of medical supplies familiar but forward-looking.
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The Login screen of the Z5 App. Users can Count, Reallocate, or Audit in-app.
The Login screen of the Z5 App. Users can Count, Reallocate, or Audit in-app.
AUSTIN, Texas - Jan. 15, 2019 - PRLog -- Z5 Inventory updates its iOS app for collecting healthcare inventory data once again. In Version 2.9.5, counters, auditors, and reallocators are able to use the decades-old standby of physical inventory counts – the "count sheet" – in a way that removes all the inefficiencies from that flawed system.

"Clinicians are used to carrying around these big stacks of paper that they have to flip through to find the product that they're counting," explains Carl Natenstedt, Z5 Inventory's CEO and Co-Founder.

"If they go by what's on the shelf, half the time it's not on the sheet. If they go by what's on the sheet, half the time it's been moved off the shelf by somebody who needed one product one time. It takes these poor counters forever."

What makes the Z5 Inventory App different from the traditional, physical count sheet is the instant search function. Version 2.9.5 features a completely reworked search and filter function within its Count Sheet screen, enabling those familiar with count sheets to find the exact item they need as fast as they can type.

Ease-of-use features added include:
  • Enabling users and managers alike to edit incorrectly-entered product information.
  • Allowing product not found in the hospital item master to be added to the count sheet directly.
  • Optimizing product search results to increase lookup speed.

"We've seen inventory counts using physical count sheets take weeks," says Shane Pratt, SVP of Customer Experience for Z5 Inventory. "Many of the hospitals using the Z5 App receive their valuations in a single day."

And, by counting only what is present on the shelf, Z5 App users are creating more accurate count sheets as they work their way through a counting location. As each item is counted, its exact location is recorded, down to the individual bin, automatically creating a new sheet for the next count, which will go even faster.

Mr. Natenstedt adds: "I'm confident that anyone who believes paper count sheets are the easiest or best way to count inventory has to use the Z5 Inventory app just once, and they'll never go back."

Previous updates to the Z5 Inventory App have made improvements like enabling hospital staff to audit and reallocate product in-app, voice control, providing support for iPhone, increasing photographic and scanning capability, and integrating with Z5Inventory.com and the top-ranked healthcare inventory blog on the internet.

Version 2.9.5 of the Z5 Inventory App is available for download now on the Apple App Store.

About Z5 Inventory:
Z5 Inventory was founded with the purpose of saving healthcare providers nationwide from expiring product, empowering them to Count the product on-hand, Reallocate slow-moving and excess product, and Buy the product they actually need at reduced prices. Anyone interested in a preview or trial of digital supply chain management with the Z5 Inventory Platform should visit www.Z5Inventory.com/Contact.


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