Magician "Kalvin Phan" speaks about his experiences entertaining celebrities across Asia - Part 2

Kalvin Phan, A Chinese & Vietnamese magician who entertains across Asia using Magic to mystify audiences - Part 2
By: Saigon, Vietnam
Kalvin & Friends with Mark Tuan and BamBam from GOT7
Kalvin & Friends with Mark Tuan and BamBam from GOT7
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Ho Chi Minh - Ho Chi Minh - Viet Nam

HO CHI MINH, Viet Nam - Sept. 3, 2018 - PRLog -- Author/Interviewer: Mitch Clark
Part 2

Below is my interview with Mr. Phan - Part 2

Mitch: Wow. I didn't know that it was such a serious thing among magicians. Okay, so what made you audition for Vietnam's Got Talent?

Kalvin: I actually have a very very distance relative that made it on to the show for his singing ability but in the end he ultimately got voted off the show. At this point my relatives in Vietnam already knew about my skills as a Magician so they ask me to audition for the show. I thought that it would be cool.

Mitch: What an amazing circumstance. But your performance actually didn't air right?

Kalvin: Nope, it did not. All I can legally say is that there were some contract disputes and since I wasn't a Vietnamese citizen it wouldn't have worked out for me.

Mitch: Hmm understood. I forgot to ask this earlier but what happen to your previous magic videos that were online?

Kalvin: I had to remove them because of the music copyright issues.

Mitch: Got it. So let's talk about how you started performing across Asia and how you were able to meet all of these Asian celebrities with your magic.

Kalvin: Okay, first off I cannot really go into all of the details but here goes. So I have already been performing in Asian countries on and off for charity and for fun for years now. These were all my own projects and I chose to do them. I am fortunate enough to have the freedom to do so. But I do not think that it is anything special. I would like to travel to Asia more often to do this but due to time constraints I am unable too. That's pretty much how I started. I just decided to do it and I did it. I was able to meet these people through my reputation as a magician. I just kept meeting people who knew people. Like I said earlier I was very fortunate.

Mitch: Right on. So you mentioned to me earlier you were able to hit a bigger fan base once you met Mark Tuan from GOT7. Can you tell me how that happened?

Kalvin: Sure. This kinda happened all of a sudden and I feel like it was really random but a friend of a friend of a friend knew Mark Tuan from school, when Mark went to Arcadia High. He pretty much just introduced me to Mark after I showed him my magic prowess. Our personalities just clicked.

Mitch: Really??? Tell me more.

Kalvin: Yes. This was sorta by accident. I originally didn't even plan on meeting this person because I had something to do that day but my friends convinced me to go and I met this guy. His name is Randy by the way and he is very popular as well. Way more popular than me in the KPOP scene.

Mitch: Okay, so who is Randy?

Kalvin: Randy is one of Mark's close friend from back when he use to live in Arcadia. Randy and his friend, Jerry. Invited me to go to Korea 2 weeks after I met them. Which sounded pretty crazy to me and because I just met these guys. I really didn't even know them well yet but we clicked and I went on that trip to Korea with them.

Mitch: That sounds like just a crazy coincidence. What are the chances?!?! So what happened next?

Kalvin: After meeting with Randy and showing him my magic, which I assumed he loved. He got pretty excited and wanted to introduce me to his friends. Basically I went to Korea and performed a bunch of magic for different KPOP idols. Because of Randy, Mark Tuan already knew of me and my magic before I even met him. So I had to live up to these expectations when I was finally able to perform for him.

Mitch: Wow! And you and Mark are good friends now?

Kalvin: Yes. I speak to him pretty much almost everyday. I think we have become pretty good friends. I mean he follows me on Instagram. So it's kinda like a big deal I guess? *laughs*

Mitch: Did Mark Tuan following on Instagram increase your exposure?

Kalvin: It sure did. I'm receiving a lot reach and my popularity has grew even more.

Mitch: What was it like performing for Mark? Did you perform for other members in his group or any other idols?

Kalvin: It was a great experience and I really enjoyed entertaining for the different idols in Korea. Hmm Mark was a great audience member. Always responsive and helpful during my entire act. He is a really good guy. And yes I did perform for other members of GOT7. As for the other idols I am not at liberty to say who they are.

Mitch: Well Kalvin, thanks for the amazing interview. You gave us a lot of insight without revealing any of your magic trick secrets. If we had more time I would ask you more questions. But there is still enough time left for you to tell us some magic secrets. Is that cool???

Kalvin: A magician never reveals a secret… unless you're the masked magician. Hahaha

Mitch: But, seriously. Thank you for everything this was a great interview.


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