Magician "Kalvin Phan" speaks about his experiences entertaining celebrities across Asia

Kalvin Phan, A Chinese & Vietnamese magician who entertains across Asia using Magic to mystify audiences - Part 1
By: Saigon, Vietnam
Kalvin & Friends with Mark Tuan and BamBam from GOT7
Kalvin & Friends with Mark Tuan and BamBam from GOT7
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HO CHI MINH, Viet Nam - Sept. 3, 2018 - PRLog -- American Magician "Kalvin Phan" speaks about his experiences entertaining celebrities across Asia.

Author/Interviewer: Mitch Clark
Part 1

One of the best gifts in my own life is having the opportunity to meet with amazing people. I've been writing for different companies and freelance gigs over the last 7 years and I really do enjoy my work. Marketing and Journalism is something that I am very passionate about and I'm here to say that you guys are in for a treat with this next person that I am interviewing.

Some of you may already know who he is from his performances in Asia but I would like to introduce Kalvin Phan. He is an American magician who performs his magic for audiences in mostly Asia. He has been known for performing for celebrities and idols in Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. I was lucky enough to secure an interview with Kalvin last month and have finally been able to transcribe the interview now for your pleasure and enjoyment. He gained huge notoriety when he caught the attention of Mark Tuan from GOT7 with his outstanding magic. Since then Mark and Kalvin have been close friends.

Below is my interview with Mr. Phan - Part 1

Mitch: Hello Kalvin, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me. I'm sure you're very busy.

Kalvin: No problem at all. I've just been working on some projects with my partners. I'm sorry if I'm a bit all over the place.

Mitch: It's my pleasure. I'm glad I got this opportunity to meet with you and I don't want to waste anymore time so lets start! *cheers*

Kalvin: Alright cool.

Mitch: Kalvin, let me start by saying that I've seen some of your magic and I think they are amazing. What or who inspired you to perform magic?

Kalvin: It was actually my uncle. In the fourth grade I needed to do something for a school talent show. I didn't have any talent *laughs* so my uncle decided to teach me magic and the rest is history. I pretty much decided to learn magic on my own after that. But I didn't get into magic seriously until high school. To be honest I was also inspired by Copperfield, Blaine, and Takayama. These are all famous magician and I hope to be on their level someday.

Mitch: That's amazing and where would you practice or perform your magic?

Kalvin: I would perform at school and at the San Diego Balboa Park area. There is an area for street performers and that's where I got a lot of my practice from. I actually gained a lot of confidence messing up front of a lot of people when I was younger. That is something I not so proud about. *laughs*

Mitch: How badly did you mess up in front of people? Can you tell about a time you ruined your own performance?

Kalvin: Hmm yeah…. I think it was pretty bad. I was really nervous at the time and my hands were all shaky. I did a card trick for about 20 people and I ended pulling the wrong card out of somebody's wallet. It was bad enough that I reached into this person's wallet very rudely and unprofessionally but to add salt to the injury I pulled out the wrong card too. Lets just say I was pretty embarrassed.

Mitch: Hahaha I wish I could have been there.

Kalvin: So you can laugh at me too?

Mitch: No No, I just wanted to see how you handle the situation.

Kalvin: Okay, next question please.

Mitch: Sure. So what made you get into magic more seriously?

Kalvin: Basically I saw all the crappy youtube magic coming out on the internet and that pretty much motivated to perform better magic in person and in real life. I didn't like the on camera angles and effects some of these people were using. A lot of them were claiming that they could do those effects in person which was entirely untrue. That just motivated to become better because those people were ruining magic for Magicians. If  you're using camera tricks than that isn't magic anymore. If that makes any sense.

Mitch: I think I understand. Basically they were putting on an unrealistic expectations of magic and on actual working Magicians and you just wanted to rectify that. Correct?

Kalvin: Yes! Exactly!

Mitch: Great! So at this point you weren't too popular yet and then you started posting your own videos and reactions to your magic on the world wide web, if I'm not mistaken. And this helped you increase your popularity and your online presence?

Kalvin: That is true. I knew I had to put myself out there and what better way then to post real magic videos of real people and real reactions.

Mitch: So you started gaining exposure through the internet with your magic and that's when you decided to audition for Vietnam's Got Talent.

Kalvin: Awesome. You did your homework. Yup that's pretty much what happen. I gained a lot of confidence to perform abroad through my street magic performances and my internet videos.

Mitch: Youtube Magic is that what you call it? Was still on the raise back then correct?

Kalvin: It is true. I wanted to take advantage of that train. I wanted to ride that internet magic wave but with actual magic effects that a magician could do in person. Not any of those camera tricks B.S.

-END Part 1- Stay tuned for Part 2

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