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Chris Neill, Head of American Development, XinFin interviewed Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Jesus and XinFin Advisor yesterday. Read on to know what Roger Ver said about XinFin.
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PENNSYLVANIA, Pa. - Aug. 10, 2018 - PRLog -- ChrisNeill: Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Chris Neill. I am the Head of American Development for XinFin, located in Pennsylvania in the United States. I have a very rare occasion and distinct honor, someone I heavily respect and who is an advisor to XinFin, I have the face of Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver himself and who is also an advisor to XinFin. Roger, I can't tell you how excited I am and behalf of XinFin and our community, thanks for spending a bit of your morning and my evening.

Roger Ver: Yeah, thank you too, Chris. Good evening to you everyone else is around the world.

Chris Neill: OK, so before we rock and roll here, to everyone listening, I want to take a moment to clear Roger. There was an interview where he was asked about XinFin and he said "I am an advisor, but as far as developments I am not really caught up to date". But that's not really Roger's area of advisory he doesn't do the business development. So don't be alarmed that he's not necessarily up to date on Ramco.

Roger Ver: But I can add to that, right before we started this recording, Chris just gave me a nice update on a lot of things going on with XinFin. I'm glad to hear that.

Chris Neill: Roger is totally updated guys, Roger is totally updated. So this is a little bit of a different interview for Roger. Roger is normally asked a thousand questions about Bitcoin Cash, what's hot, whats this, whats that. But, this is actually heavily aimed towards you, the XinFin community. We are going to hear a bit about Bitcoin Cash, which are strategic questions from me to Roger, which I am going to leave it at that and not go any further. You will hear about that later.

So Roger,Bitcoin. You started out heavily a major advocate for Bitcoin, how did you get into that? Everyone has their "this is my first coin" moment where they wake up and was like I am going in on crypto. What happened, why Bitcoin?

Roger Ver: I probably would have to attribute it to the books I was reading as a teenager in the late 90's. If I had to pick 2 I would have to pick Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, which is a science fiction book where people were going all over the world setting up data centers and using anonymous cyber cash to pay for it all that can't be tracked or controlled by governments. It was such an exciting book and so many exciting things were happening because of the invention of this cyber cash. And another book, that is actually a non-fiction book called Future Imperfect by David Friedman, son of Milton Friedman, the nobel prize winning economist. In that book he described the public cheap cryptography and how people can have anonymous identities on the internet and provide services without having to be tied to the real world identities and all they need in order to make all this happen was some sort of anonymous digital cash that can work on the internet. I read about this in the late 1990's and thought wow the world is gonna be so exciting when we finally have this anonymous digital cash that can't be controlled or censored or tracked and then I had to wait, I had to wait, I had to wait, over a decade I had to wait. Then when finally heard about Bitcoin for the first time, I thoughts YES! It's finally here, this anonymous cyber digital cash I have been reading about in science fiction books, it's finally here! and it's called Bitcoin. Turns out it's not nearly as anonymous as we thought initially in the beginning. But, there are some other currencies that have much greater levels of privacies and some privacy tools are being built on top of Bitcoin Cash at this point as well. It felt like the stuff I had read about in science fictions books were finally true. It's still so exciting.

ChrisNeill: That makes sense, that makes sense, that's similar to how I got into this. I have a heavy investment background. I used to do a lot of ForEx trading, and I still do just not as much. I am heavily committed to XinFin. When you get into ForEx trading and you understand how banks works, how bonds works and all that then Trade and Finance makes sense. I see the flaws and I can see where it can improve. And, kind of the same thing you were talking about with Friedman and all them, it really makes sense on an individual level but what if the freedoms and absolute control was put in the hands of business owners without the governments getting in the way. So, that makes perfect sense, that makes perfect sense.

So on that note then, Why XinFin? You only advise a handful, like 5, 6 maybe 7 and correct me if I'm wrong, different companies and you get asked all the time. Why XinFin, at what point were you like, this is where I am going in?

Roger Ver: Yeah, you guys had approached me initially, we did some background checks and due diligence and uh, looked into you guys and you guys made the cut. It seemed like an actual product that was actually gonna have something that could potentially go somewhere. So, thank you and congratulations to both of us.

Watch the complete on video.

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