Volta Sound Lab Protest Music Project now accepting submissions

By: Volta Sound Lab
WASHINGTON - July 30, 2018 - PRLog -- District of Columbia based Volta Sound Lab and Producer Nelson Jacobsen will lead aptly named Protest Music Project which will start based upon a compilation of protest music that is brewing and not as of yet had a place to be heard. Have a song that is protesting climate change, inequity, Trump this Protest Music Project needs your music

Initially a digital release with a subscription to physical releases in CD, Cassette and Vinyl based upon Buying This(™) feedback from supporters of the artists, bands and groups committing protest music for this project. Our communications and publishing partners District based AVOZ will help guide the clearance and publicity for the over all release along with Help Earth Foundation on outreach to Community groups, nonprofits and ngos related to the musicians protest music for events and social media messaging that help get their message to a wider audience as part of 5Wins.org from Help Earth.

The recording artists, bands, and groups after submitting a singles will be working the release as well as arranging Protest Music Event to drive awareness of the cause, issue or outrage their music is protesting.

Please use this form https://goo.gl/forms/bvbB9Vk7mbynVo4L2 to fill us in on the music that Volta Sound Lab, producers and publishers all working on this Indie Music release.

Nelson Jacobsen

CEO by profession | Producer by passion

Having already produced visually adding to this Music Producer is something that I've dreamed about for a number of years.  As the salesperson for many-a-release I've gotten to see what works and what doesn't and it' not really a surprise so much as it's lack of detail that keeps most releases from hitting all the right notes since they were lost in an email or just not know to producers that didn't grow up in the physically only world. Stiving both I seek to help Altavoz's recording artists make a perfect pitch to fans with each story that we're selling em. http://nelsonjacobsen.com/producer/

About Volta Sound Lab

Volta Sound lab VSL is a District based label, that is exclusively signed to Altavoz Distribution for world wide distribution. Our current line up of artists is a gambit from DC own Theo Sampel to Wes Wammer, perhaps best known for guitaring with Waylon. VSL operates as an artists run label and each of it partners are partners in the process, company and outcomes which we've seen to be a proven model for running a 3.0 record label. Background on the name:  It's a shout out to the original sound recording label Volta Laboratory and  Bureau Labs, run by Alexander Graham Bell and founded in 1880–1881 and part of the profits from VLS will be donated to Help Earth Foundation. http://VoltaSoundLab.com

About AVOZ

Started as a proud District of Columbia LLC, to acquire the controlling interesting in a non-filing, restricted, public shell corporation operating as Max Media Group, Inc. MXMI. Which was acquired by a group of partners over the Labor Day weekend in 2015, press release.Once the control block was secured by this LLC,  it was turned it back over to then – Max Media Group, Inc. (now Altavoz Entertainment, Inc.) so that all of the common stock was in the company control.AVOZ, LLC now serves as communications, management and publishing partners for the artists bands groups in the #AltavozFamily and contestants in Music Tryouts;  And, still doing it out of the District of Columbia. http://avoz.co

About HelpearthFoundation.org

Created with a mission to leverage artistic content to support charitable efforts at the micro level – small to midsized nonprofits and larger organizations that are working hard to make a difference in communities across the United States and the world. The foundation's causes are picked by HEF partners or by our associated artists. HEF is the outgrowth of Tsunami BandAide, which was established to raise funds in support of the Boxer Day Tsunami relief effort in 2004. The work in bringing together entertainers and the NGO community to support that cause led to the launch of the Help Earth Foundation. Today, as a nonprofit committed to helping the earth and those that inhabit it, HEF seeks opportunities to support long-term, as well as emergency initiatives.   Visit http://HelpEarthFoundation.org

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Nelson Jacobsen


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