Quantic Executive MBA Grads Launch Revolutionary Entertainment Public Blockchain Project (EPBP)

Exciting news for the music industry! Quantic MBA grads launch the first Web 5 DAO with the Entertainment Public Blockchain Project to solve copyright ownership and payment issues in the entertainment industry.
By: Altavoz Distribution
kreatorscoin logo
kreatorscoin logo
DMV AREA, D.C. - Feb. 23, 2023 - PRLog -- Quantic School of Business and Technology Executive MBA graduates have made history by launching the world's first Web 5 Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the Entertainment Public Blockchain Project (EPBP). The goal of EPBP is to revolutionize the music industry by making it easier to create and manage music catalogs, albums, and songs using blockchain protocols.

EPBP's founders, Patrick Madera, Marcus Harness, and Nelson Jacobsen, plan to register the company as a DAO Blockchain LLC in Wyoming, leveraging the state's favorable tax regulations and laws. As a DAO, the EPBP's decision-making will be done via code and without any central governing body, which makes it a perfect candidate for a Web 5.0 company.

The platform will utilize a content management system to resolve issues of copyright ownership and payments in the entertainment industry using blockchain technology. The EPBP's Kreatorscoin is a non-colored currency linked to intellectual property, incentivized by the system itself attached to a stablecoin that is POT & Copyright backed. The Kreatorscoin will hold the metadata of entertainment transactions and will be converted into a cryptocurrency via tokenization.

This innovative launch is a significant step towards a value-added network (VAN) using cryptocurrency known as Web 5.0, where currency is linked to a non-colorful stablecoin. The founders plan to demonstrate Blockchain, grow the database and community together, and unleash a new era in art-based economic transformation by reaching out to pre-DAO investors and potential partners at MusicBiz.org annual convention and Metadata Summit.

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Quantic School of Business and Technology is a global business school that offers MBA and Executive MBA degrees. Quantic's degree programs and career network give graduates marketable knowledge to accelerate their careers fast learn more visit Quantic.edu

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