Neuro-degenerative diseases by UV radiation from nanoparticles

Autism caused by DNA damage to brain cells of the newborn from UV radiation by aluminum nanoparticles in vaccines is extended to nanoparticles in baby food with nanoparticles in ALL foods the cause of Alzheimer's in the elderly.
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Autism from NPs in vaccinations
Autism from NPs in vaccinations
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Neuro-degenerative diseases including Autism are characterized by the proliferation of cells from mutations of the neuron's DNA sequence. The DNA damage may be caused by exposure to exogenous agents such as UV radiation or the endogenous source of oxidative stress in internal body tissue. Except for the skin exposed to exogenous solar UV, DNA damage is generally thought [1] caused by oxidative stress. Indeed, oxidative DNA damage has been detected in tissues of schizophrenic patients, the consequence of which the deficient repair of DNA that contributes to degenerative disease.

Science has not yet recognized DNA damage from exogenous UV radiation in internal body tissue. But the implications of Autism from large quantities of aluminum NPs found [2] in the human brain changes this paradigm. NPs stand for nanoparticles. Nevertheless, a causal relation between NPs and UV radiation is required. Only recently, the causal relation of cancer from GM food was proposed from DNA damage caused by UV radiation from NPs. GM stands for genetically modified. The NPs are created during spraying herbicides on crop fields that then entering the crop and are ingested as GM food. See

The source of neuro-degenerative diseases from the newborn to the elderly is the DNA damage from UV radiation created by simple QED from diverse NPs that enter the body in vaccines and GM food.

Certainly, NPs do not naturally emit UV, but NPs can convert heat from surrounding body tissue to UV radiation if the heat capacity of the NPs somehow vanishes. Classically, NPs at absolute zero have vanishing heat capacity, but not at finite temperatures. QM differs as the heat capacity of the atom given by the Planck law at temperatures > 0 does indeed vanish under high EM confinement. QM stands for quantum mechanics and EM for electromagnetic. But high EM confinement is inherent in NPs upon absorbing heat because their high S/V ratios confine the heat to the NP surface. S/V stands for surface-to-volume. NP atoms are therefore placed under high EM confinement and heat capacity vanishes. Lacking heat capacity, the heat may only be conserved by a non-thermal mechanism proposed here as simple QED, but differs from the complex QED theory advanced by Feynman and others.

Simple QED conserves heat by creating non-thermal EM radiation standing across the NP diameter having half-wavelength λ/2 = d as the heat adjusts to the EM confinement bounded by the NP surface. The speed of light c corrected for the refractive index n of the NP gives the Planck energy E = h(c/n)/λ, i.e., E = hc/2nd. See diverse simple QED applications of the Planck law in nanostructures at, 2010 – 2018.

UV-C radiation at about 254 nm is a lethal level for the DNA damage in all living systems as the pyrimidine dimers are formed that block DNA replication. Aluminum NPs in vaccines having diameter d ≈ 60 nm and n ≈ 2 emit UV radiation at 2nd ≈ 240 nm near the UV-C are likely to cause Autism by mutations in the neuron's DNA. Similarly, baby food with titanium dioxide NPs having n ≈ 2.5 and d ≈ 50 nm emit EM radiation at 2nd ≈ 254 nm. Extensions to Alzheimer's for titanium dioxide NPs in GM food follow similar arguments. NPs having d > 100 nm are benign to DNA damage. Of importance, NPs in vacines are the toxic source and not the vaccine itself.

Autism from NP's is a risk to the health of US citizens, not only to the newborn in vaccines, but also in baby food.  In the elderly, NP's in GM food are a cause Alzheimer's and cancer.  But for brevity, only NP's in vaccines are further discussed in this PR.

In this regard, the CDC is in charge of recommending the vaccination schedule for US children, which has grown 6,000%  as shown in the thumbnail. CDC stands for Center of Disease Control. The CDC monitors vaccine safety and tracks the number of children with Autism in the US, i.e., from 1 in 10,000 in the 1980 's to 1 in 68 today. In 2016 after the US election, a group of senior CDC scientists filed [3] an ethics complaint alleging the CDC is influenced by corporate and political interests. Collusion is suggested by the departure of the prior head of CDC — Julie Gerberding — to head the vaccine division of Merck. The scientists alleged the CDC misrepresented the rise in Autism rates since the late 1980 's a view consistent with the just elected President Trump who was quoted as saying:

"When I was growing up, Autism wasn't really a factor and now all of a sudden, it's an epidemic. Everybody has their theory, and my theory is the shots. They're getting these massive injections at one time. I think it's the vaccinations."

President Trump is correct about the rapid increase in Autism from vaccinations, but the cause of Autism is not the vaccine, but the NPs in the shots. Moreover, Trump should consider Autism may be caused from NPs in baby food which is long-term  compared to vaccinations.  Regardless, NPs should be banned from ALL pharmaceuticals and food, GM or otherwise.

[1] E. Markkanen, et al., "DNA Damage and Repair in Schizophrenia and Autism: Implications for Cancer Comorbidity and Beyond," Int J Molecular Science , 17,  856, 2016.
[2] M. Mold, et al., "Aluminum in Brain tissue in Autism," J. Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 46 ,76, 2018.
[3] J. B. Handley,  See "7 reasons CDC employees should be "crying in the hallways," on the www, November 16, 2016.

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