Lorien Fenton To Have Guest Marshall Barnes, Now Leading Time Travel Researcher In The World

Marshall Barnes returns to Lorien Fenton's popular radio show to establish his growing dominance over the topic, and field, of time travel research.
Lorien Fenton hosts the Fenton Files on the KCOR Radio Network
Lorien Fenton hosts the Fenton Files on the KCOR Radio Network
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SAN FRANCISCO - Dec. 11, 2017 - PRLog -- Internationally followed R & D engineer, Marshall Barnes, will be the guest on Lorien Fenton's radio program, The Fenton Files, tonight at 8 PM PST. Marshall returns to discuss his position as the leading time travel researcher in the world, a rank he has established by producing more work, and having breakthroughs in both concepts and technology, than anyone else in the world.

"Look," he says, "I've proved Stephen Hawking's Chronology Protection Conjecture wrong, both with analysis and physical experiment, the first to prove Hawking wrong before the LHC found the Higgs Boson, which I predicted publicly Hawking would be wrong about. Hawking's understanding of time travel is pathetic but so are so many others. I discovered a solution in Euclidean geometry suggesting parallel universes are real, then figured out retrocausal experiments aren't changing the past but instead, making new parallel universe copies of the present with different pasts, making me the first to prove parallel universes are real - beating out Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek and Tulane University's FrankTipler who had ideas but never did them. I then figured out the experiments themselves pointed toward a method of doing quantum triggers which first posited by National Science Award winner Yakir Aharonov, and such quantum triggers could be used in both vehicle type and station types of time machines. The only thing left to do is determine how to select the past that we want triggered back into existence, which will happen instantaneously."

Marshall is on track to completely wipe out Ronald Mallett's image as on the verge of building a real time machine, as Mallett has been connected to fraud investigations into the activities of World Patent Marketing, and been caught lying about his accomplishments and activities.

Marshall is followed by 200 people, mostly scientists, engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs on Researchgate.net, a kind of "Facebook for scientists" as well as having his work read by people in at least 19 different countries. Some of the attention he gets are from people in countries not friendly to the United States as he noted in an article he wrote recently for Higgypop.com, which keeps him cautious about revealing information that could be weaponized in some way.

"I have a weapons design background," he noted, "and I know all the components being used for this kind of research, inside and out, so I'm not going to reveal anything I know could be compromised in the wrong way. I know I've got hostile countries reading my papers. Everyone from Iran to N. Korea."

Although a number of researchers have cited dangers related to time travel development, Marshall sharply disagrees. This is because those dangers are centered around paradoxes and the fear people could go back in time and change the past. However, Marshall's work has not only ruled time travel paradoxes out, its proven time travel paradoxes scientifically imposible and without any basis in fact.

"I wrote the special report, Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel, which is now a book, to deal with the issue of paradoxes so at least someone on Capitol Hill would know not to panic when they hear about time travel research going on. I didn't want them trying to outlaw it due to the erroneous idea that someone could go back in time and undue elections".

Marshall has taken on the quest to combat bad information on time travel, on all fronts - everything from the fringe elements to scientists who talk about it but have bad or outdated information. That's included challenges to public debates. Author, Simon Morley, who harassed Marshall on Quora.com over his work on the nature of time and time travel, backed-off and refused to debate Marshall publicly. So did NASA's Robert Shuler who tried to bully Marshall and then backed off when Marshall said that he would travel to NASA's Johnson Space Center and debate him in front of an audience of his friends. Marshall isn't surprised.

"People like Shuler and Morley are egotistical cowards that believe they know everything, but I'm sorry, in this field, I've reached a level that dwarfs these posers and I won't hesitate to prove it."

"This is like the old, West gunfighters," Marshall continued. "If someone wants to claim that they know more than me, fine, If anyone wants to take me on over this, fine I'll debate them live in front of an audience, I don't care who it is. Kip Thorne, Hawking, Serguei Kransnikov, Brian Greene, Sean Carroll, Jim Morison, Ed Farhi, Brain Cox, or all of them at once. Hell, I'd do that, just so it's fair."

Marshall is the only researcher to announce a human time travel development program, called the ZeitNauts. He also recently announced his intentions to use time travel to leave and reestablish his life in 1971. He's a blog about it, Preparation Diary of a Time Travel Scientist, on Quora.com. Due to popular, international demand, he has decided to create an effort, that will provide time travel to the past, one way, for people wanting to escape the future, like those two Silicon Valley billionaires funding research to escape what they think is a simulated universe.

Marshall writes on time travel and advanced concept technologies for Furturism.Media. His latest time travel article, written for Higgypop.com can be found at https://www.higgypop.com/news/truth-about-time-travel.

The Fenton Files can be heard on the KCOR radio network, http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/The-Fenton-Files-Hosted-By-Lori....


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