GNEISS Coin Team Launches Beta; Set to Launch Full Platform in Q1 2018

GNEISS coin moves application from Alpha to Beta with added features and functionality; promises for a full-platform launch in the new year.
GNEISS Logo Final
GNEISS Logo Final
Dec. 6, 2017 - PRLog -- Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service (GNEISS) officially announces that they have moved their much-anticipated application from Alpha to Beta in hopes of launching the much-anticipated application's full platform in Q1 of 2018.

GNEISS is the freshest face in the one of the world's fastest moving and most volatile conversations - blockchain technology. In recent months, the GNEISS brand specifically has generated talk about their unique application which allows users to create, transact, and destroy any crypto-asset or smart contract in a personal "E-Vault" utilizing the Ethereum blockchain.

GNEISS Founder and CEO, Michael Morton, who is also President of Morton Bitcoin Management has touted GNEISS's potential power from the get-go, citing the application's ability to transform how we think about money moving forward. "GNEISS will bring into existence an open, free, and accessible market powered by blockchain technology," Morton said. "It will put the power of Wall Street into the people's hands where it should be."

This week, GNEISS's team took one step closer to achieving that goal when they officially announced that they are moving the platform from its Alpha form to its Beta form.

The application's Beta form will continually reflect fresh functionality and features that users called for after testing the application in Alpha. In its Beta form, Segwit Bitcoin wallets have been added to reduce fees. Smart Contract ERC20 tokens have been upgraded to the industry's best practice standards. As well, the team has thoroughly tested security to find and directly address any security opportunities in real time. The fixes from Alpha to Beta have generated success already – GNEISS launched their first coin offering at the beginning of November.

The Beta form also will tout new features including (but not limited to) secured contracts for ERC20 tokens, an improved UI, and the creation of DAOs. As well, GNEISS coin will start distributing the transaction fee profits of GNEISS to all current GNEISS coin holders, then reducing fees for GNEISS coin holders currently on the platform. The team anticipates that Beta will bring about the brand's first corporate partnerships along with over 1,000 E-Vault users on the platform by the end of 2017.

As much as moving from Alpha to Beta is about features and functionality, it's about more for Morton, who has been working on the GNEISS application since 2014. "The GNEISS Beta will be the beginning of the end to central banks as people see how secure, cheap, and easy it is to buy, store, transfer, and perform Wall Street smart contracts all on GNEISS and the Ethereum blockchain," Morton notes. "Corrupt bankers beware; the FinTech landscape is about to change more rapidly than most can imagine."

Unlock the power of the blockchain, and take control of your financial freedom. GNEISS is the first peer-to-peer blockchain platform that allows the creation of any financial contract middleman-free by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. GNEISS can do everything financial marketplaces can do - only better, cheaper, faster, peer-to-peer, and more efficiently. Welcome to the GNEISS Revolution. For more information, please visit

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