Back Pain Treatment in the Winter: Preventing Injuries When Shoveling

By: Medrehab Group
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Back Pain Treatment - Medrehabgroup
Back Pain Treatment - Medrehabgroup
VAUGHAN, Ontario - Dec. 5, 2017 - PRLog -- The winter season can be a painful one. Snow can create a huge headache not only for your household but also for you body. Injuries when shoveling are one of the most common complaints, however, there are some proactive strategies which you can take in order to avoid all the aches and pains that comes with the cold weather and holiday season. Medrehab offers the best back pain treatment in in town!
  1. It all starts with the right shovel. Pick a shovel with a curved handle. Having an adjustable handle length can also help prevent pain, as it will be customizable to fit your height and create overall comfort. Also, having a lightweight shovel (more on the plastic side) will aid in reducing the amount of weight which you will be pushing back and forth.
  2. Always start by warming up. Cold and tight muscles will always result in injuries. Remember to especially stretch your hamstrings with some gentle stretching exercises.
  3. The most important step to remember is to pace yourself. Shoveling is not a race. Take your time in order to avoid pain and injuries. Also, it is extremely important to take breaks. Use these break periods to stretch your arms and hamstrings to keep them warm and flexible.

With all this being said, injuries can still happen. Don't put off seeing a Physical Therapist. This will just result in further pain and can even worsen the situation. MedRehab Group can help. We provide a comprehensive treatment plan to help you treat your pain- this is why we are the best physiotherapy clinic with our widespread services available throughout 7 locations in the GTA.

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