Judge's Ruling Against World Patent Marketing Is Major Defeat for UConn's Ronald L. Mallett

University of Connecticut physics professor Ronald L. Mallett has lost a major ally in the fall out from the FTC suit against Scott J. Cooper and World Patent Marketing. Not only that, Mallett is being totally discredited for colluding with WPM.
Ronald Mallett tweet: Evidence he directly promoted false advertisement video
Ronald Mallett tweet: Evidence he directly promoted false advertisement video
MIAMI - Sept. 6, 2017 - PRLog -- "Defendants made a series of misrepresentations to potential customers to induce them to purchase WPM
services. Even after customers made initial investments, Defendants continued making misrepresentations to induce them to purchase more services and to make larger investments".

So said Judge Darrin P. Gayles of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida in his ruling against Scott J. Cooper and his invention marketing firm, World Patent Marketing, in the case brought by the Federal Trade Commission in March. Gayles granted the preliminary injunction against the defendants, freezing their assets until the trial is complete, set for next year. However, a back story that the media has failed to cover, to their own folly, spells doom for the central figure in what was to be the expansion of World Patent Marketing into the field of advanced concept physics and technology - Ronald L. Mallett, professor of physics at the University of Connecticut.

In November of 2015, Scott J. Cooper announced that he was adding Mallett to his advisory board at World Patent Marketing, because he felt that in the "hotly contested race to build the first time machine", their money should be on Mallett. The problem is, Mallett had already lost the race in 2013 to Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng. That's when Marshall realized that he would have to go to war against Mallett and all of his allies, to end what had become an endless campaign of misrepresentations and lies.

Last year, Marshall, like a true general, began to position his considerable technological and intellectual property assets into a "war footing", to take on Scott J. Cooper and Ronald Mallett on the battle field of the advanced concept technology and science market place. His strategy was simple - he knew all Copper and Mallet had was a PR campaign and when pressed, they'd have nothing to show for it. He, on the other hand, had the actual world's first time machine on the particle level, and, had ramped up his R&D capabilities to include development of the ideas of Nikola Tesla into a potential, human time machine platform - something the video promo for Cooper's Time Travel X claimed to be raising money to accomplish using Mallett's bogus theory. Marshall's effort would place him in direct competition, hindering Cooper and Mallett's efforts to raise that money. But Marshall, was intent on applying his considerable expertise, in creative competition - with a vengeance.

"My attorney's cleared me to be able to do what I had never done before - defame Ronald Mallett's character, after I sat down with them, proving my allegations could stand-up in a court of law. It would be a war of attrition - pounding them first with more and more developments encroaching on their technology claims, proving how they had nothing because they didn't have the ability. Simultaneously, launch a campaign destroying Mallett's credibility as a time travel scientist and start revealing how he's nothing but a con man, out for the fame but not for the physics."

The plan was working ingeniously. Bolstered by his inroads into the controversy with NBC Timeless's Shawn Ryan's dissing of time travel science fans, by creating the idea of a reality program featuring attempts to use technology suggested by Nikola Tesla to induce time slips with real life volunteers, Marshall moved rapidly into the further exploration of physical experiments he'd done that proved the existence of parallel universes - something Mallett said wouldn't be possible without a time machine. As usual, Mallett was wrong - not only that, but Marshall predicted it would work, in his special report for select members of Congress, back in 2013 (see https://www.prlog.org/12243028-first-ever-time-travel-sci... ). This further established Marshall's technical superiority over Mallett, especially in a head to head comparison, which Marshall knew was due to happen.

When Marshall discovered Cooper had launched his fundraising scheme, Time Travel X, to fund Mallett, selling each unit for $799, on the World Patent Marketing web site, Marshall knew Cooper had crossed a bridge too far because the language used to advertise the theoretical commodity was false and misleading, violating Florida law 817.06 against such promotions. Marshall had anticipated this in a press release about Time Travel X, earlier that year (see https://www.prlog.org/12558716-time-travel-theoretical-co... ). He sent a report to the Florida Attorney General's office which then forwarded it to the FTC who had begun to act against World Patent Marketing.

"I am willing to testify in any legal proceedings against Scott J. Cooper because of what I know, what I can prove and what it demonstrates in regards to his pattern of behavior", Marshall says, "because it shows his intentions were to expand his fraudulent activities into other fields for millions of dollars and, if the FTC hadn't acted, I would have been his only obstacle, though an effective one, to be sure."

"In any proceedings I testify in against Cooper, I'll be sure Ronald Mallett is supoenaed to testify and forced to answer questions under oath that will prove he is a fraud and con man, who has traded in misrepresentations to promote himself because of his greed for fame. As a former special investigator, I have all the evidence and every intention to end, this greatest fraud in the entire history of physics, once and for all".

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