Time Travel X "Theoretical Commodity" Looks Like A Scam, Marshall Barnes Says

On July 5th, World Patent Marketing will launch a fund raising scheme for Ronald Mallett's "time travel research" but Mallett critic, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng is sounding alarms, warning that it amounts to a scheme to bilk time travel enthusiasts.
Ronald Mallett  Copyright 2007
Ronald Mallett Copyright 2007
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - May 18, 2016 - PRLog -- They call it a "theoretical commodity". Marshall Barnes calls it a "blatant scam" and a "new low for Ronald Mallett that he should never be allowed to emerge from". "They" is World Patent Marketing, an organization allegedly helping inventors secure and sell patents. They've aligned themselves with Ronald Mallett in an attempt to cash in on his image of being a time travel pioneer. An image under constant assault by the man who's proved his superiority to Mallett, having created the first real time machine on the particle level  - internationally noted innovator, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng.

World Patent Marketing posted a video on Youtube, and their site, http://timetravelx.com, promoting Ronald Mallett and a scheme to fund his time travel research through an investment in a "theoretical commodity" called, "Time Travel X". If World Patent Marketing is responsible for the content of the video, Marshall Barnes calls them,"liars". At 1:33 on the video's counter, text appears at the bottom stating, "His program, the Space-time Twisting by Light Project…" and then at 1:38 continues to say, "has gained growing respect from scientists…".

"That's a lie", Marshall insists. Two of the biggest names in physics have spoken against him in private - Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne, and J.R. Gott, whom I've met, and more, have criticized Mallett publicly, and I have written the definitive paper against Space-time Twisting by Light from an engineering and conceptual point of view, proving it to be impossible *even if* Mallett could somehow overcome the objections of his peers. Ring Lasers, Closed Timelike Curves, Causality Violation and the Total Design Failure of Ronald Mallett's Time Machine of Space-time Twisting By Light (see https://www.prlog.org/12506692-marshall-barnes-pens-paper... ) proves Mallett and his ideas are far less than advertised by the media.

"The idea World Patent Marketing will use this theoretical commodity, whatever the hell that is, to fund Mallett's time travel research is ridiculous as Mallett has absolutely no credible time research to fund. He lacks the intellect to even do time travel research. Look at what he's done since 2000 - absolutely nothing of any value. Nothing. He's duped the media and even me at one point. When I realized he hadn't even attempted to go beyond Einstein's General Relativity in his ''research', I knew he's nothing more than a time travel fraud. The fact he's written not a single paper exploring any original work on time travel physics, I knew I was right." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WhJbolcVhI#t=101

If Marshall sounds overly harsh, consider the fact Mallett was viewed as a genius because he had supposedly found a solution from equations of Einstein's General Relativity that would enable his time machine design to work at a much lower power level than anyone thought possible. However, in a PBS NewsHour report, Mallett admitted that in order to twist time it would mean,  (see https://www.prlog.org/12523508-pbs-newshour-interview-with-ronald-mallett-proves-marshall-barnes-allegations-of-fraud.html ) "That on the surface appears to require an enormous amount of energy. I mean a huge amount of energy, like stellar quantities".

"Mallettt was supposed to be a genius. Guess what then? That genius label gets revoked, and 'dumb, stupid fraud' gets branded on his forehead, forever".

One might think Marshall should curb his scathing criticisms, for fear of Mallett filing a defamation law suit against him, but the mere mention of the possibility brings an explosive reaction from him.

"I HOPE HE DOES!" Marshall exclaimed. "It would be the biggest mistake of his life and he'd pay for it the rest of his life and beyond. I'm already in preproduction for a video called, The Case Against Ronald L. Mallett, where I'm sworn in under oath to give a deposition, just as I would in preparation for a trial, and everything is covered, as well as answering all the B.S. he would throw at me, since I know him so well, and how he'd front load any attorney stupid enough to take the case. The defense against a defamation claim is, and always has been, the truth. That video will be a preemptive strike against erroneous hopes he'd have for striking at me legally. And finally, the media would turn against him, leaving him at my mercy and I promise you, there would be none. That's how he conned me - he talked me into waiting 'til he had gotten his research funded before I went ahead with my Verdrehung Fan™ project, and being a nice guy, I did, not realizing he wasn't serious about doing it"

Marshall cites more evidence anyone can check.

"Find the most recent radio interview with Mallett you can, and one as old as you can find. Listen to both. He talks about exactly the same thing - no updates, no new discoveries, nothing but his same B.S. story about the death of his father inspiring him to try to build a time machine. Well, I guess it didn't inspire him enough because he not only failed to build a machine, he failed to figure that in fact, it would be possible to go back in time and see his father. The secret to that I found in the work of John Archibald Wheeler, who Mallett even knew, which just shows how freakin' stupid he is...and I mean stupid".

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