Marshall Barnes Pens Paper Destroying The Viability Of Ronald Mallett Space-Time Twisting By Light

Already a target of criticism, both public and private, Dr. Ronald L. Mallett nonetheless commands a passionate fan base and is a media favorite. Now a paper by Marshall Barnes destroys any credibility Mallett has.
Marshall Barnes and Ronald Mallett in 2007 Copyright 2007
Marshall Barnes and Ronald Mallett in 2007 Copyright 2007
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YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - Jan. 8, 2016 - PRLog -- Ronald Mallett has the reputation of being a genius. Father of time travel. The inventor of the world's first time machine, being featured in a documentary of the same name. He's a media darling, appearing in a wide variety of news programs, talk radio shows, repeated documentary guest appearances. The book about his life has sold on an international level and he's recently joined the advisory board of World Patent Marketing. If you believe the headlines, he's either on the verge of creating a time machine, is building a time machine or has built it. You wouldn't be at fault for believing all of it, after all, we're talking about CNN, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal,,, Coast to Coast AM, Kettle of Fish Show and so many more. The fact is, it's all a lie. All of it.

Now, research and development engineer, Marshall Barnes (, a former supporter of Dr. Mallett's and now his most dangerous detractor, has proved just exactly how dangerous he is to the Mallett Myth. He has released a paper destroying all credibility, not only of Mallett's theories and design for a time machine, but Mallett's alleged intelligence capability to understand the concept of time travel itself.

Ring Lasers, Closed Timelike Curves, Causality Violation and the Total Design Failure of Ronald Mallett's Time Machine of SpaceTime Twisting By Light (see is a clear and hard look at the work of Ronald Mallett through his papers, interviews and published opinions, and reveals huge gaps in the credibility of his work and knowledge.

While acknowledging early critical work of physicists such as Ken Olum, J.R. Gott and Allen Everett, Marshall points out, even if Mallett were to overcome their objections, Mallett has no cogent theory of time travel, his machine design is flawed to its very core so it's impossible for it to work. Flying in the face of all accolades Mallett has received for his "genius" is that he's never written a single paper on time travel physics, something Marshall points to as evidence Mallett is nothing more than a time travel physics phony. A fraud.

"I'm not saying he's not a first class physicist, after all he is a theoretical physicist and professor emeritus at a major university, but guess what? That doesn't mean he understands one ounce of what time travel is about because for decades physicists have been afraid to even consider the possibility."

Marshall's opinion of Mallett has vastly changed since the two men first met when Marshall promoted a series of events featuring Mallett and his book, in 2007. It began when it was apparent Mallett was not as up on time travel theory as he appeared to be when, they both appeared together on a panel about time travel at MarCon in 2007.

"He wasted 29 minutes talking about everything but time travel," Marshall says. I know. I'm transcribing the recording, from the panel, for a book." Marshall also has a documentary being released later this year, establishing he has succeeded where Mallett has failed (see ).

Marshall's quick to point out most physicists know little about time travel and what they do know is at least 50% wrong. However, he also says few are called time travel "experts" like Mallett. Marshall's paper proves Mallett isn't and with devastating evidence. Among its main points are:

1. He does not properly describe the function of his time machine as it relates to the operation of time.

2. He erroneously states he'd be able to prevent disasters after the fact - by warning people in the past.

3. His story is constantly 50% about his father's death and only 20% of is actually about his time machine and its proposed operation.

4. He contradicts himself in interviews as no expert on the subject would do.  This makes Marshall convinced Mallett doesn't have the mental dexterity to comprehend time travel physics or conceive of an actual time machine. This makes all the media praise of him a farce.

"The bottom line is I now realize this whole Mallett story is little more than a scam - he's called the father of time travel in a documentary about the so-called world's first time machine which he didn't build nor ever will, he's never written a paper on time travel physics - I've done an entire book ( ), his design for a time machine is flawed to its very core, he contradicts himself and because of that, he calls for the government regulation of time travel. As far as I'm concerned now, Mallett is a time travel fraud. That's right, I'm using the 5 letter F-word, "fraud". He's a theoretical physicist, but has no expertise or understanding when it comes to temporal mechanics. There are people believing he is laying down the future for time travel. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mallett is clueless, he's not even realized it's possible to time travel to the past to see his late father, who was the reason he wanted to learn time travel in the first place...and yet World Patent Marketing adds him to their advisory board because they say he'll put them on the cutting edge of time travel research. That's a crock, if they believe it."

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