New Experiments Invalidate The Entire Career Of UConn Professor as "Time Travel Scientist"

A new pre-print paper has been released by Marshall Barnes that takes an in-depth, critical look at the LOTART design by Ronald L. Mallett and not only finds significant flaws but reveals how a series of experiments prove Mallett's conclusions wrong.
Portion of diagram showing how LOTART would be inefficient for "early warnings".
Portion of diagram showing how LOTART would be inefficient for "early warnings".
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - June 12, 2017 - PRLog -- Internationally noted research and development engineer, Marshall Barnes, has released a pre-print
paper that takes on specifically the device design that University of Connecticut physics professor and media proclaimed, "time travel scientist", Ronald Mallett filed a provisional patent for in 2003. It is this design that Mallett's entire career, as a so-called time travel scientist, is based on.The paper not only covers key sections of the design, but uses Mallett's own work to show how the design is flawed and why, and that it is linked to other errors in theoretical physics papers in regards to time travel and CTCs. It then reveals the details of Marshall's own experimental series of physical tests that prove Mallett's entire conceptual context for LOTART is wrong and not only would it never work, but that Mallett doesn't even have the "aptitude" or the desire to be able to figure out practical time travel physics, which is far outside the boundaries of Relativity theory that Mallett has used to give the aura of credibility to his poor work.

"This didn't happen in a vacuum," Marshall says, "I told him his LOTART design had problems and explained them to him back when we were still friends, in 2007. He had problems wrapping his mind around it. Now that we're at war, as competitors and he's proved himself to be a fake, after not continuing his research in time travel but still claiming he is. I have no problem exposing the obvious errors in his thinking and design. I mean, he made a big deal of having a provisional patent, back in 2007 but never revealed that he had never filed for the real one, not even in his 2006 book. The provisional patent expired in 2004, as I reveal in my paper."

The problems that are cited by Marshall's paper, are both functional and conceptual, in the areas of how the LOTART is supposed to be an early warning device and how it's supposed to create closed time-like lines that will send a signal back in time. Marshall, who has unusual skills as an analyst, breaks down the description of LOTART from both the patent description in Mallett's book and the technical paper it's based upon, and shows that Mallett fails to sufficiently describe how the CTLs are supposed to function, in and of themselves, and that in reality, there is no proof of a causal connection between when the signal to the past is sent from the future and that past. The result is not only is the device not functional the way it's described, but it wouldn't even be able to accomplish what it's patent application claims - if it were. The claims of Mallett, of any benefit to building it, are therefore totally and completely, unfounded.

"I challenge Mallett or any of his defenders to show me wrong," Marshall laughs. "And none will take me up on it, after they read that paper, because it covers every angle that physicists usually gloss over."

What makes Marshall's paper more than a critical analysis, is the fact that he conducted multiple experiments of the same nature that prove Mallett's fundamental thinking on the function of LOTART and time travel in general, wrong. The Rachel, Emily and Suzy experiments (see ) were designed by Marshall to test his contention that, table top experiments to prove parallel universes are real, were possible. Inspired by German astrophysicist, Rainer Plaga, who posited such a possibility in papers he wrote between 1995 and 1997, Marshall's tests were the realization of his published speculation that retrocausality experiments were actually producing parallel universes, from his book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel (see The successful experiments produce results similar to those predicted by Plaga and establish that any action that would result in time travel or a change in the past, will result in a new, parallel universe copy, produced by what physicist, John Archibald Wheeler calls, the Participatory Universe. Marshall shows that his experimental results wipe out all other theories, including the concept of the self-consistency principle.

"In the final analysis, my Rachel, Emily and Suzy experiments, which accomplished what Mallett so arrogantly claimed would only be possible after the first time machine was built - meaning his, prove that I'm right. And I might add, to this day Ronald Mallett has yet to conduct any experiments related to time travel physics, nor written a single paper on it. You can't be a time travel scientist, and fail to have done any time travel research work on issues related to the field."

Marshall's paper can be viewed at

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