New "Suzy" Experiment Blows Away CERN's Mir Faizal On Parallel Universes

The latest tests by Marshall Barnes on parallel universes confirms previous results and how laser pulses from a parallel world enter into a new one, destroying CERN's Mir Faizal's position that parallel universes of quantum mechanics are not science.
SuzyTest Graph Diagram (Copyright 2017)
SuzyTest Graph Diagram (Copyright 2017)
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - May 25, 2017 - PRLog -- Continuing the research into parallel universe detection that began in his proto-lab in Grandview
Heights, Ohio, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng set out to determine exactly where the laser pulses were entering into the new universes that were splitting off from the experiments in retrocausality he was conducting. It was important to be able to establish a firm grounding for his new interpretation of retrocausality experiments, parallel universes and the nature of time, in lieu of the fact that last year, CERN's Mir Faizal had declared that parallel universes from quantum mechanics were not testable, and so were only philosophical and not science. Marshall has now succeeded, after spending several months, mulling around the best way to approach the problem.

"First of all, the very fact I was getting the results I am, scared a number of physicists out of their pants," Marshall states only half jokingly. "I think it was both the results and the fact I was smart enough to figure out it should work in the first place, which just gives you an idea of how far beyond the standard I am. Second, I'm glad I waited because my initial idea was to arrange some sort of set-up to detect where the pulses were entering into the new universe from the original. The thinking was they would emerge somewhere near the beam splitter and take the path they would have taken if they had originally been reflected pulses. This idea was wrong. It stemmed from the fact sometimes the fan shutter system seems to have a slight red glow when a pulse was spotted in the detection area, so we were wondering if that was from the pulse having emerged from that area before it hit. Now, it appears that the glow was just the reflection of the pulse from when it hit".

Marshall explains that because such an approach would've required some sort of fog, smoke or mist to make the lasers visible before striking an area, he finally decided on a mirror detecting any action from the experimental set-up as well as any reflected pulses from the beam splitter. The focus became not on individual events in the experimental set-up area, but those that came from it. The results were impressive.

No pulse emerged prior to the detection or target area, and then traveled there. I got plenty of hits from nowhere but 100% of them just appeared at the detection area, which was below the mirror. The camera was aimed at the mirror so it captured what was in the mirror and below it. It was all happening at the detection sites."

For Marshall, it means a more dramatic result than originally thought, and proves just how wrong Mir Faizal was about parallel universes from quantum mechanics.

"What this means is that my theory, that retrocausality triggers a new parallel universe copy from the Participatory Universe, is not only accurate - it's more than accurate. What we're seeing in the filmed events is the new universe appearing with the final result, not the new universe appearing with the pulse flying into it. We're getting the final result instead of a result in progress. That means, as I suspected, that none of these weird quantum events is about what particles do themselves, it's about what the Participatory Universe does in reaction to our interacting with these particle and anything else. So, the laser pulses are not changing direction due to the 'which way path' actions of the shutter system. The Participatory Universe is giving an alternate result of what happened because of the which way path action of the shutter system, which would be a laser pulse appearing at the detection site. That is exactly what it does."

Marshall is self-assured in his status as a result.

"I've got a pretty good track record against CERN. I was against Harry Nelson and Masao Ninomiya prediction that something in the future was preventing the Large Hadron Collider from working to prevent finding the Higgs Boson. I didn't come out against that in a paper, but I've never supported such backward in time notions and I did come out against Stephen Hawking saying the Higgs Boson wouldn't be found at CERN, so I obviously couldn't have agreed with it. Then there was the whole mini black.wormhole idea of Sergio Bertolucci that would open to a parallel universe because I knew nothing could possibly stay open long enough for it to matter, even if it did, and finally, the nonsense of Mir about parallel universes being only philosophical. I mean, look, I study this subject, I don't study particle physics, so I don't shoot my mouth off about it. But as an expert on parallel universes, I knew about Rainer Plaga's proposals on detecting parallel universes with a table top experiment dating back to the '90s. The fact no one bothered to try it out shows how weak the research field is in this area. The fact that my results have gotten the reaction they have - no cogent arguments against them but stunned silence nonetheless, I think gives stark witness as to why progress in this field is so lacking. It will clearly take leadership and vision to move things along, and all I can say is get out of the way, because progress is coming."

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