Kindle Fiction Authors Increase Ebook Sales With Hot Trend

With hundreds of thousands of fiction ebooks on the Kindle store, authors have found a way to get discovered. Authors can sell more copies of all their ebooks when they write fictional serials.
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Serial Fiction Bonanza
Serial Fiction Bonanza
GORDON, Australia - July 18, 2015 - PRLog -- A serial is a long fictional story, like a novel, but it's split into a part-work, and is published serially. While similar to a novel, a serial is written differently.

Authors publish serially for many reasons. They may want to establish their own name, or a new pen name in a genre. When they write a serial they can publish quickly, and regularly. Readers buy serials, because reading a short episode lets them try out a new author.

Angela Booth developed a new online writing class: "Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans — Make A Solid Income From Your Fiction FAST" in response to many requests.

She says: "Authors have heard about the success of serials, and wanted guidance to write their own."

Over four weeks, students plan, and write, their first serial. They receive a new class each week.

For new fiction authors, the program includes a fiction writing guide: "Easy Fiction: Write a Novel in 30 Days". It covers all the elements of commercial fiction, from major elements like writing scenes, to minor elements, like character names.

Angela says that authors who tested the beta program report excellent results. They reported that not only did they make sales, but they also found that writing a serial was easier than writing longer fiction.

Authors can learn more about Serial Fiction Bonanza here.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills.

Angela's free Content Library of ebooks is available at Writing Genii.  Angela helps writers and other creatives to launch successful businesses and careers every day. She publishes writing tips and guides on her writing blogs, including Fab Freelance Writing Blog.


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