A Successful Kindle Ebook Marketing Strategy In Just 15 Minutes a Day

With thousands of ebooks published daily, ebook authors struggle for attention. They're aware that they need to market their ebooks, but marketing takes time and money. Angela Booth has released a new marketing strategy which takes just 15 minutes a day.
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 Ebook Dominance: Market and SELL Your Ebooks In Just 15 Minutes A Day
Ebook Dominance: Market and SELL Your Ebooks In Just 15 Minutes A Day
GORDON, Australia - July 4, 2015 - PRLog -- Self-publishing offers authors an amazing opportunity. It's possible to publish ebooks, and make a steady income. Authors aren't reliant on middle men like literary agents or publishers: they can market their ebooks directly to readers.

However, it's challenging.

Ebook publishing is now thoroughly mainstream. Simple marketing options like offering free ebooks, aren't as effective as they once were. Thousands of ebooks are free. One ebook author recently told Angela that although her ebook received hundreds of downloads during its "free" days, her sales hadn't increased.

Social media marketing options, while still effective when done well, take time. Ebook authors with a full-time job struggle to find writing time. They can't spend time on social media as well.

Angela recently released a new online class, "Ebook Dominance: Market and SELL Your Ebooks In Just 15 Minutes A Day", to help.

She says: "I developed the class for my personal coaching students, who kept telling me that they had no time to market. Everyone can find 15 minutes a day, no matter how busy they are."

With a marketing strategy, and 15 minutes, her students found that their sales increased. Angela believes that a strategy is vital. "I encourage students to market while they're writing an ebook. By the time their ebook's published, they've got eager readers."

Feedback on the new class has been wonderful, Angela says. "Having a clear strategy eliminates confusion, and builds confidence."

For more information, visit Ebook Dominance.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author and writing coach. She offers many writing guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills.  Her writing blogs, such as Fab Freelance Writing Blog, keep writers up to date with the rapidly changing worlds of professional writing.

Angela has a free Content Library of ebooks for writers at Writing Genii. Angela helps writers and other creatives to launch successful businesses and careers every day.


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