New Ebook Writing Program Released: Bestselling Kindle Authors' Genre Fiction Secrets

Angela Booth's new program for writers, "Write and Sell Commercial Fiction FAST: Bestselling Kindle Genre Fiction Cheat Sheets", reveals the secrets of the top-selling books on Amazon.
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Bestselling Kindle Authors' Genre Fiction Secrets
Bestselling Kindle Authors' Genre Fiction Secrets
GORDON, Australia - June 1, 2015 - PRLog -- Genre fiction makes up 69% of the top 50,000 bestselling ebooks on Amazon. Bestsellers in leading genres sell thousands of copies a day. However, for many Kindle authors, "genre" is a mystery.

A "genre" is simply a category of fiction. Genres include romance, mystery, thrillers, and fantasy. There are dozens of genres, and even more sub-genres of these genres.

Angela Booth believes that authors can sell more ebooks when they narrowly target their latest ebook to a well-defined genre. "With a million new ebooks released on the Kindle Store every four months, getting their new ebooks found is a real challenge. By targeting sub-genres of popular genres, authors can increase their visibility, and therefore their sales. They can also find loyal readers."

Angela's students have found that their sales increase when they target their ebooks to specific sub-genres within genres. She says: "An author can write wonderful books. With a little effort, that author can help readers to find his books -- and sell many more ebooks than he otherwise would."

Angela's new Kindle fiction writing program, "Write and Sell Commercial Fiction FAST: Bestselling Kindle Genre Fiction Cheat Sheets"  is a comprehensive package. Both new and experienced self-publishing authors will find it valuable.

It includes four modules, to help authors understand popular genres, and what readers are looking for. Genres explored include: romance, erotica, mysteries, thrillers, and paranormal romance.

Authors can learn more about the package here, and can download a free excerpt of the program.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills. Her professional writers' blogs are popular, and offer free advice and tips each week.

Angela's free Content Library of ebooks is available at Writing Genii: Angela helps writers and other creatives to launch successful businesses and careers every day.


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