Help Stop The Aerial Shooting of Wolves In B.C

Wolves in B.C. Need your Support before they are shot from Helicopters.
By: Friends of The Wolf
Help Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves
Help Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves
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SAN FRANCISCO - Jan. 31, 2015 - PRLog -- Friends of The Wolf Cause

It is sad but true….. Hunters and trappers have killed 2,567 gray wolves in the U.S.’s lower 48 states since 2011, according to recent data. Gray wolves (Canis lupus) were protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA) for nearly 40 years before being stripped of their protection status by a legislative rider in 2011! Friends of The Wolf now is supporting Native American Roger Dobson with a vision to do something about it to help Protect The Wolves. When are you going to support this Vision? If you wait, there will be no Wolves Left.

A Portion of this Fund will be Used to place Paws on the Ground in Support Of Captain Paul Watson request for Boots on The Ground TO Protest AERIAL Shooting of Wolves. Our Campaign is Paws on The Ground. We will be accepting Requests to be aided by this fund if you have the desire to Go support the People on the ground.

Additionally Friends of The Wolf will be Communicating with Mr. Watson Via Facebook with any updates as far as members we can send to support them

We are searching for People, That Aren’t afraid of being called an ECO-Warrior, Eco Terrorist….. Advocate, Activist…We are looking for People That WILL TAKE ACTION! Which means Doing More than Simply LIKING A POST OR PICTURE

It is Sad But True Some Native American Tribes are worried about an NFL name….and NOT Our spiritual animals…. Like the Wolf being Delisted…. Being a Native American, The fact that they waste their time bitching about a name, failing to call about real issues like allowing the government to add legislation riders on must pass legislation like the wolf delisting, the rider to steal land from Indian Reservations to give to a Foreign Mining Corporation…. THEN NOT CALLING ABOUT THAT………. REALLY ……. Where the HELL ARE YOUR PRIORITIES???? Pull your heads out ! and Target Actions that need Targeting!!!! Our government allows riders on must pass legislation like these 2 crooked representatives Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho). Crooked Representatives like them, have no business holding an office that represents anyone!!

Please Support Friends of The Wolf’s Vision at:


Friends Of The Wolf

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