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BLUE BELL, PA – As an interactive marketing firm with a mission to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, Fusion Innovations’ manager was asked for his advice on what aspiring business owners can do to demonstrate leadership skills.
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Fusion Innovations
Fusion Innovations
BLUE BELL, Pa. - Jan. 21, 2015 - PRLog -- “First, leadership is about inspiring others,” articulated Adam, the company’s CEO. “This is one of several factors some managers or business owners miss and it is to the detriment of their teams and their businesses.”

To illustrate this position further, Adam made a comparison. “Let’s say you have two managers. The first manager is authoritative and demands that things are done a particular way. This manager does not welcome input and imposes rules that demonstrate a lack of trust,” he said. “The second manager embraces feedback and ideas, and empowers and supports the team to do whatever is necessary to complete the task. Between the two, which manager do you believe will lead his or her team to accomplish the most and deliver the best results?”

“The best leaders are those who recognize the value in everyone who works with them. To demonstrate that you can be a leader, start by treating your colleagues with dignity and respect, and by offering encouragement, support, and praise for what they do,” suggested Adam. “Be collaborative and show that you are open to new ideas. These are all qualities that strong leaders possess.”

Fusion Innovations’ CEO Discusses the Power of Vision

As important as it is to inspire a team, it is also a leader’s responsibility to develop and communicate a clear vision. “This is another area that can make or break a business owner or manager,” said Adam. “It’s really easy to get lost in the details. Always have your sights on the big picture. What is the end result going to look like?”

Adam used the example of building a house to describe what vision entails. “When you’re designing a home, you have to start with the structure and space before you can get into a discussion about whether to use blinds or drapes in the living room,” he said. “Projects are the same way. Start with what you want the final product to look like, and then use a simple blueprint to draft the structure and the most important features, being mindful of what is needed and what is nice to have. Incorporate feasible ideas and suggestions from others. Once you have the majority of the main goals listed, you can move on to the finer details.”

“The other important factor is to communicate your vision with your team members. They need to know what is expected and what their roles are in the process,” said Adam. “You can’t expect them to succeed if they’re operating blindly.”

Adam concluded, “If you can clarify and communicate your vision, and inspire others to help you achieve it, you’re well on your way to becoming a great leader.”

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