Fusion Innovations’ CEO Discusses Revenue Growth and Key Factors to Maintain it

WEST NORRITON, PA – Fusion Innovations’ CEO recently shared his ideas for continuing expansions of the interactive marketing firm’s revenues and geographic coverage while reflecting on results from the second quarter of 2014.
By: Fusion Innovations
Fusion Innovations
Fusion Innovations
WEST NORRITON, Pa. - July 31, 2014 - PRLog -- Fusion Innovations’ recent-completed fiscal quarter could not have gone better. The Philadelphia-area firm saw its revenues rise nearly 52% from their first quarter. In addition, Fusion Innovations came within weeks of opening operations in Detroit.

This is the beginning of great things to come, according to the firm’s CEO, Adam, who said, “We have the ability to impact people and change their lives in positive ways.”

Adam also outlined a three-part strategy for further growing revenues, increasing geographic reach, and building a team that consistently over-delivers. “This industry isn’t focused on politics or seniority,” he said. “It is result-driven.”

Taking Care of Team Members Takes Care of the Business

Adam pointed to fostering healthy competition among team members and ensuring each person has chances to develop professionally. To spark competitiveness, the firm rewards each month’s top performer with a restaurant gift card, spa package, or other bonus. This motivates team members to develop and execute high-end, cutting-edge campaigns that generate measurable results for clients; as such their recognition pays even greater dividends.

“The feedback we get is that the team most appreciates things they cannot hold in their hands.” Adam noted. “One person even told me, ‘The real incentive for working at Fusion is the opportunity.’”

Possibilities for upward mobility at Fusion Innovations are limitless. Continual training indicates the investment the firm makes in its people. They provide a mentoring program to everyone pairing less-experienced people with senior teammates helping with the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

According to Adam, “Managers and top leaders in the company always provide coaching and guidance to push every person to hit specific goals. We do this because if we have the ability to motivate each person on a day-to-day basis, we can really grow this organization around a strong group of future leaders.”

Fusion Innovations Extends Its Coverage

Developing its people has allowed Fusion Innovations to pursue opportunities to reach physically into new markets. This has been essential, as Adam observed, “The clients we work with are leaders in their fields. One has expanded across the nation, but we have only been able to target about 20% of the areas the client can serve. Another client that had first been only able to serve a small piece of Pennsylvania now has customers from Boston down to Atlanta.”

In addition to new offices in the upper Midwest, Fusion Innovations has longer-range plans to operate in Cincinnati, Dallas, Miami, and San Francisco. The firm’s leaders are even eyeing opportunities to go international into Canada. That nationwide expansion will not happen overnight however, at the rate they are progressing it is a very attainable goal.

“The only way that this will happen,” said Adam, “is if we continue to teach, train, and develop more people.”

Individuals Willing to Learn and Work Are Welcomed at Fusion Innovations

Fusion Innovations’ growing client list and aggressive expansion has created a need for new team members. Adam emphasized, however, that only individuals with strong work ethics, positive attitudes and hungry minds can build careers with the firm.

“If you look at whoever is at the top of any industry, I guarantee that they possess the same things we look for.” Adam said. “The first is an ability to work hard because they know exactly what they want to get out of life, and the second is a positive attitude. At the end of the day, failure to put in enough effort and negativity derail more dreams than anything else.”

The Fusion Innovations CEO also highlighted the necessity to think long-term, “Understanding that everything has to be earned through outstanding performance is essential to being successful anywhere.”

About Fusion Innovations, Inc.

Fusion Innovations, Inc. is a goal-oriented experiential marketing firm. They offer customized initiatives that drive lead generation and take clients to new levels of success and wider brand awareness. Through enticing rewards packages and sponsored vouchers, Fusion Innovations, Inc. makes lasting connections between companies and the public, which lead to mutually-beneficial relationships that result in boosted bottom lines and sustained brand loyalty. A dedication to professional development that produces well-rounded branding specialists ensures that the firm will continue serving diverse clients with excellence, helping them exceed their biggest goals for promotion and overall growth.

Fusion Innovations

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