Don’t Quit Your Job! Dr. Arlene says, “Fix the Fit.”

About 2.5 million employees in the United States abandon their jobs monthly. They made the assumption that they were unable to Fix the Fit. Is that assumption erroneous?
LOS ANGELES - Nov. 7, 2014 - PRLog -- You do not want to be one of the 30 million employees who walk out in 2014. Why?  You will be suddenly unemployed. Instead, figure out why your job is the Wrong Fit, perhaps, you can stay.

To do that, ask yourself these question.  Did I…
1. select a Wrong Fit position expecting it to be the Right Fit?
2. accept a Wrong Fit job unknowingly, not seeing the red flags?
3. accept a Wrong Fit job knowingly, without any commitment?
4. select a Right Fit position that turned sour?
5. pick the best job, which turned out to be the worst job?

Understanding why you are in a Wrong Fit situation is a critical component to the solution.  Learning how to analyze your work situation and selecting the Right Fit Strategies to Fix the Fit could eliminate the need to quit.

Right Fit Solutions
Join Dr. Arlene Barro on Thursday, November 20th at 5pm PST on a Special Edition of her WIN Without Competing! radio show featured on Blog Talk Radio.

Dr. Arlene created this upcoming episode, “Don’t Quit Your Job! Fix the Fit,” to reduce the number of people from walking out unnecessarily.

Participate in this global event in which Dr. Arlene will answer callers’ questions. During the show, Dr. Arlene will provide Right Fit Strategies to Fix the Fit.  In some situations, the fit can be fixed over the long-term.If the fit cannot be fixed, Dr. Arlene will suggest short-term Right Fit Strategies to implement, allowing you time to find the right position without leaving your current job.

Submit Your Questions
Here’s how to submit your questions for discussion on the radio show.  Email and include the following information:

♦ Give your current job title and industry.
♦ Indicate why your job is the Wrong Fit, by selecting one of the situations stated above in the 1 to 5 list.
♦ Describe your current Wrong Fit situation, including your relationship with your boss.
♦ Explain how you are feeling: unhappy, stressed, depressed, etc.
♦ If you’re interested in speaking with Dr. Arlene on the show, then include the phone number from which you will be calling to listen to the show.
♦ If you do not wish to speak on the show, but you would like Dr. Arlene to respond to your questions, please be sure to state that in your email.

All emails must be received no later than 6pm PST on Friday, November 14th.

Note:  Because it is the last quarter of 2014, employees have a significant need to make the right career decisions now to set the stage for 2015.  Only those people who have been selected, prior to the show, will be able to speak with Dr. Arlene due to the large call-in audience.

To learn more about Dr. Arlene’s Right Fit Method, her book WIN Without Competing!, her app iBrandu4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire, and her company barro global search, inc.


The corporate offices of barro global search, inc. adjoin the UCLA Campus, in The Tower, located at 10940 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1600, Los Angeles, CA 90024, Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM Pacific Time. Customized appointment times for new and continuing clients.

To arrange a time to speak with Dr. Arlene, call 310.443.4277

Help is on the way… Don’t Quit Your Job!

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