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MIAMI - Nov. 6, 2014 - PRLog -- The term emotional branding ( has been established as a marketing set of methods to build strong brands. The technique works by influencing customer emotions, addressing their needs and wants. Effective emotional branding help customer make a purchasing decision. Simply put, it is the way of manipulating the consumer that is practiced by convincing marketers and sales people. Depending on the story, customers may fall in love with brands, feel nostalgic attachment, bonding and companionship.

Since emotional branding can create such a strong attachment to the product and the organization that represents it, many companies work hard on the strategies to influence potential customers and keep the existing ones for a long time. In this competitive economy loyalty needs to be earned.

Methods that help create emotional branding and sell Check Printing Software CheckPlusCFO.

Let’s explore some of the methods that companies used in their marketing approach to influence the customer on emotional level.

Storytelling. People love to listen to the story, feel the pain and after feel the joy of getting over the problem, celebrating success. We crave the emotional connection that comes with the story. It must be authentic and true to the company so that your brand will come to life. At Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions LLC our story is in making payment operations more efficient. With Check Printing Software CheckPlusCFO the savings of time and manual labor are huge. Belize Electricity Limited ( reported time reduction associated with check processing operation from many hours to just 15 minutes. That created efficiencies and time is being used on other important activities.  In this case we don’t sell a product, we sell the way to improve their operations, we sell the answer to the problem in front of customer  and make them believe it is the best solution for the situation.

Find pain points of the customer that can be solved with your product. Printech Global personal always works to engage customer in the dialog and address their needs. The one-on-one remote web demo is our way to show CheckPlusCFO check printing solution and its features, answer questions that arise during the demonstration and show how we can fix customer’s pain points. We try to make emotional connection with the customer on a personal level as well as professional, so they feel more comfortable and sales process goes smooth.

Satisfy Needs. Find the needs that consumers have. According to Vance Packard book “The Hidden Persuaders (” they are:

-          Emotional security

-          Reassurance of worth

-          Ego-gratification

-          Creative outlets

-          Love objects

-          Sense of power

-          Sense of roots

-          Immorality.

The key is to create emotional branding and campaign that fulfills customer’s needs. Identify the needs and use them to attract consumer and provide the solution that solves them.

When selling CheckPlusCFO check printing software, we usually work with Technology Engineers or Finance Managers. They are in charge of selecting the right solution for their operations that solves certain problem. Often the choice is being made to select from competing solutions. We appeal to customer, creating emotional security and reassurance that integration of Printech secure payment solution will be seamless and effortless. They make a decision from the position of power, because they choose the product for the organization.

Emotional Advertising.  Get emotional association to the advertising materials from consumer. The method works by showing images of people who are enjoying the product and get satisfaction and benefit from using it. Printech campaigns of Check Printing Software CheckPlusCFO often show financial managers who save tons of time from Accounts Payable automation. They are happy to reduce check printing operation from day or days to just minutes and celebrate this efficiency. Their Bosses are also happy with the result. The images of successful payment operation make executives in other businesses desire CheckPlusCFO brand.

Who is your consumer? Study your customer. At Printech we connect with an individual who we have a demo with, not with the Company as a whole. We connect with a person so we can better hear and understand the problem point and suggest the best solution. Emotional branding works best on individual level as we speak to specific person and address their needs. With making decision to purchase check printing software for organization, there are many level of managers and decision makers. The individual who we communicate with when showing the payment system, will be more likely to recommend the product when he has emotional connection with the presenter.

Create alignment. The brand communication must be aligned just like a bicycle wheels need to be in sync when riding. Marketing message, staff communication, the way the phones are answered must be aligned to reinforce recognition and emotional attachment to the company.

By following these methods, organizations can create a strong emotional branding experience. Aligned advertising campaign, visual materials, communication and sales process can make customer fall in love with company and product and turn into valuable loyal consumer, who will be spreading the word about great service and attracting other companies to join.

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