Operation April's Revenge - Mountain Minutemen

Operation April's Revenge in Vekol Valley, AZ from October 3, 2014 through October 10, 2014.
VEKOL VALLEY, AZ, Ariz. - Oct. 7, 2014 - PRLog -- While the majority of Americans are either asleep with their heads in the sand or do not go further than a typical keyboard warrior, a few true patriotic men and women are out on their own dime and time doing what our government has failed to do.  They are here to make a political statement concerning the deficiencies and disregards by the government.  A problem exists and they are on this nation’s borders to peacefully protest the blatant failure of the government to protect this nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

         Mountain Minutemen’s purpose is to deny illegals access with their presence.  Presence is deterrence.  Why do they do this?  Some of them do this to fight the narcotics trafficking, defend the sovereignty of this nation, and secure the borders.  One minuteman who goes by the name, Lil’ Dog is the founder and leader of the Mountain Minutemen.  Lil’ Dog retired as a commercial fisherman ten years ago.  Lil’ Dog did not like what his country had become and felt that he had to do something; anything to help the nation as he seen it such despair and floundering without direction, purpose, or righteous existence.

         Lil’ Dog realized this nation had been corrupted from top to bottom and that the elected officials in the government did not represent anyone but themselves.  The phrase of “Liberty and justice for all,” is Lil’s Dog’s purpose.  Ten years and counting, Lil’ Dog continues to serve his nation.

         Another Mountain Minuteman by the name of David, states his purpose is to act as a deterrent to the flow of illegal aliens, drugs, and guns, which are a clear and present danger to this country and its towns across the nation.  One of David’s biggest grievances is the trash that is left behind by the smugglers and illegal aliens.  This may not seem like much of a big deal, however, you take a walk anywhere in the desert near the border and you will find trash everywhere.  This is not trash that comes from the highway, but from the smugglers and border crossers.

         David has lived in the desert by the border all his life and has seen the negative changes that have taken place.  The overall condition of the environment has deteriorated due to the drug trafficking and human smuggling.  David no longer recognizes the beautiful desert that it once was.

         Harry, who is another Mountain Minutemen, states his purpose is to also deter the drug and human smuggling.  Harry sees the results in his neighborhood due to the illegal activities and therefore, has a vested interest.  Harry suspects that the government turns a blind eye and purposely allows the illegal activity as it fosters a multi-billion dollar enterprise.  If the government truly wanted to secure the borders, they could as they have the means.  This same government put a man on the moon, built the Hoover Dam, and builds space shuttles.  Why therefore, can they not build a fence?

         Harry has been there for 20 years.  This is activity that appears to be directed by the government.  Harry takes personal offense that this type of activity is not only allowed to happen, but is sanctioned.  Why would one doubt this?  Skeptics should take a trip, stay for a few days, and it will become more than evident.

Terry is also a Mountain Minuteman.  Terry does not claim to have all the answers, but has come to realize and understand that something has to be done.  Doing nothing is already part of the problem.  Terry does not feel his patriotism is exceptional, as he feels everyone should be doing the same.  People’s freedom and inalienable rights are inherent in mankind and has been the driving force for many.  This is a duty that is felt, which is to protect fellow countrymen, this land, and freedoms so that they may be passed down to the next generation.

Everyone there is a family man with children and grandchildren.  They do this for them as their ancestors have done for them.  There are generations of dead men, which gives evidence to the transfer of the eternal torch of freedom that they want to pass on to the next generation.

         A local resident calls the desert their home.  They view the illegal smuggling and illegal border crossers as an invasion, which is therefore an invasion of this resident’s home.  These illegal border crossers are not invited and are actively destroying, defacing, and defrauding this land, this resident’s land, this resident’s home.

         Prior to purchasing their property, this resident was warned by the locals about the illegal activities in the area.  However, that did not deter this resident as this was their home, bought and paid for and ready to roost.  They used their medical background along with their military education to help cope.  They used their knowledge to teach others how to survive in their home, the desert.

         The desert has been trashed and disrespected everywhere one looks.  This resident showed their students the blatant exploitation of the desert’s natural beauty.  The students heard of stories like this, but could hardly believe their eyes once they seen it first-hand.  One cannot help but feel violated and disrespected by the government.  This government is not much different that the corrupt government of the illegals, who do the same thing.  However, this is this resident’s home and regardless; they do not plan on leaving their home.

A local resident named Sue, is also present to help stop the flow of drugs that cross the border and ultimately through her town.  Sue lives a mere ten minutes from the border.  Border crossings and illegal drugs are a daily occurrence.  Although they do have the presence of the United States Border Patrol, it is truly an oxymoron.  As there is no fence defining the border, there really is no border and therefore no control.  The border is simply considered a “drop off” point by the smugglers and border crossers.  It is always the same thing, just a different day.

Unlike many, Sue chooses to do something about it.  Sue will not stand by quietly and will do what she can to defend the borders of this great nation.  Securing the border is of the upmost importance for the future of this great nation.  Without borders, we have no nation.  SECURE THE BORDER NOW!!!  Donations are desperately needed and greatly appreciated.  Please go to www.mountainminutemen.com to help and to learn more.

Robert Crooks
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Location:Vekol Valley, AZ - Arizona - United States
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