How To Really Make Money Online in 2014

There is an industry that has been growing substantially in the last decade and is continuing to grow at a tremendous rate, that industry is making money online without any formal or traditional education.
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Aug. 26, 2014 - PRLog -- There is an industry that has been growing substantially in the last decade and is continuing to grow at a tremendous rate, that industry is making money online without any formal or traditional education.

More people are searching the Internet now than ever before with the introduction to smart phones alone have created a huge increase in Internet users. According to in 2013-2014 “90% of American adults have a phone,58% are smartphones, and as of May 2013, 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online.”

It’s with this advancement in technology that gave the Internet a massive amount of more users. It was with this new large online audience that created a new industry that is flourishing today known as affiliate marketing, freelancing and many others.

There may be no textbooks or traditional education for this industry however there exist many communities with a huge amount of members such as the,,, and many more that have a ton of free valuable resources for anybody interested in getting their foot into the door in making money online, this industry does not require a high school diploma or any other credentials, this industry only demands results.

Amazon and Ebay both have an affiliate program that has been open to the public now close to 10 years, they both allow people to make money online by earning a commission each time someone has successfully generated a sale for them. There are basic requirements in becoming an affiliate for any company such as having a website that ebay must approve of first, however Amazon is more simple and will approve you right away for their affiliate program.

People with specific talents now have the ability to earn a living online because of portals such as,, and There is a ton of demand for services such as web development, content development (example: writing content for a website about a topic of their choice or perhaps rewriting 400 words for somebody with proper grammar), digital media development such as graphic design and video editing and so much more.

There are some events that take place a couple of times a year such as the Affiliate Summit ( that can really help those new to this industry to get a great head start however these conferences are not cheap and tickets range from as little as $99.00 to as high as $1,879.00, however this really is a investment as you will get to network with many other affiliates that are experienced and successful and also learn a lot from established players in the industry making as much as $100,000 a month. There are many conferences at the affiliate summit that take place and the higher ticket price will get you into them all which will allow you to learn from tips provided and direct questions you may ask these top online internet marketers. The affiliate summit started in 2003 in New York with only 200 people and recently had another affiliate summit in August of 2014 with an attendance of 5,000 people, a significant increase since the first one.

There are also couches available who will charge you to learn from them to become successful in this industry, they will usually provide you with a phone call a couple of times a month with also communication with email to check in on your progress. You do not need a couch to become successful in this industry, if you have the extra money then hiring somebody with a establish background in making money online can benefit you but they usually offer no guarantees that you will actually make money online.

Making money online may not require a college background but it does require a lot of reading, hard work, passion, and the most important persistency. When I first started in this industry I just went onto many forums such as and digitalpoint and I was able to learn the skill set needed to make $30,000 a month and I never even graduated highschool” said a member of named noobguru (

On these forums exist many services that help people make money online, services such as search engine optimization, this is a very important component in obtaining traffic from and While there may be a ton of free resources there are also some premium resources available such as google sniper that will provide you with an updated resource about the latest techniques and tested methods used to rank on and obtain the necessary traffic to generate sales.

Others who are not interested in promoting any products or that may not want to deal with having a website or blog can still earn money online by completing surveys. The links provided are premium resources that will charge a small fee however in exchange for this fee your receiving access to updated resources on how to get a head start on making money online without having to spend countless hours that will just lead you to the same information in the end. Both of these products are currently top selling resources that internet marketers and affiliate marketers are using to help aid them in knowing more against their competitors.

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This content was written to give those who are interested about making money online chance to learn more. There are a ton of resources, so much that it can be overwhelming so by accessing high quality guides increases candidates chances at becoming successful in this lucrative industry.

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