The much awaited book on Social media marketing is here

This book on social media marketing focuses on:Brand engagement with consumer research metrics. Quality & relevance of content to readers. Process in creating successful social media marketing campaigns. Focus on ROI, Management goals & SEO
Social media marketing brand ROI BOOK Ananth V
Social media marketing brand ROI BOOK Ananth V
MUMBAI, India - Aug. 4, 2014 - PRLog -- Dear Readers,

It gives us immense pleasure to share the launch of the new book "Social media marketing brand ROI" by our CEO Mr.Ananthanarayanan V (Ananth)

This book will be useful to CMO's, CEO's & Senior Marketing professionals planning digital marketing and social media campaigns based on ROI and consumer research metrics.

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• What is social media marketing?

• What is social media quotient (SMQ)? How do I measure my brand’s SMQ?

• Will social media marketing campaign really help my company or brand?

• How to get started?

• Which social networking site to choose?

What type of messages really appeals to end users on social media? (How do contests, freebies, etc impact them?) – “RESEARCH” based insights

• How safe is it to have an engaging relationship in real-time with my end users?

Trends: Should I be a part of the frenzy, just because everyone is talking about it?

What do I track and how often do I measure my social media digital campaigns across my brand’s varied marketing strategies?

• What do I do with my company’s traditional marketing strategies meanwhile?

Best time to post on social media

Sales conversions and social media ROI metrics

   oLTV (lifetime value of a customer)

   oCPC (Cost per customer)

   oCAC (Customer acquisition cost)

   oYour SMQ® – Your Social media quotient tools and process

• Test your SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND quotient. The questions are based on this book

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- Social media misconceptions cleared

- Creative story telling using social media

- Power SEO – Simple tips for quick website optimization

- Key branding rules online

- Don’t make a social faux pas

& also few useful resources, posts and ‘case study’ links for downloads.

ROI that we will be looking into:

   •SEO (Search engine optimization)

   •Higher Brand reach

   •Quality brand engagement

   •Reaching target specific consumers

   •Brand monitoring

   •What to measure and how to measure it?

   •Lead enquiries and ‘Sales’ conversions

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Have a wonderful and resourceful social media brand engagement with your end users.

Social Media Team

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