Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy The New Trifecta wins Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

New book provides potentially ground-breaking solutions to seemingly insolvable economic and environmental problems.
By: The Two Faces of Money
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner
CHICAGO - July 17, 2014 - PRLog -- Geraldine Perry's new book Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy The New Trifecta has won the Spring 2014 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Category of Environment. These awards have been given for the past 30 years by the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs, honoring some of the finest independently-published books in a variety of categories. Selections are made by a panel of editors and take into consideration content, book format, writing style and cover design.

Geraldine Perry's book draws on the work of independent thinkers, economists, scientists and historical evidence going back thousands of years, challenging conventional thinking about global warming, clean energy, environmental pollution, greenhouse gases and zero carbon, overpopulation, social and economic injustice - and how best to heal our ailing world.

The book argues that the most important element in helping us understand just where it is that we have gone wrong, and how best to go about fixing it, is to first examine the oft-forgotten connection between land use and monetary policy. Thus says the author in describing the key problem with current monetary policy:  "We delude ourselves into thinking that we, as a society, can create wealth through debt. In so doing we end up robbing from nature and our own future, setting ourselves up for certain catastrophe."

Gib Halverson, Board Member of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation says that “Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy by Geraldine Perry offers a fresh perspective on a complicated subject. Her unconventional but well thought out take on familiar topics offers an opportunity for both believers and skeptics of climate change to think anew. . . This extremely well written book knits together climate change, land use and monetary policy in a new and enlightened way.”

Geraldine Perry has a Master's Degree in Education and an undergraduate minor in Library science, both of which have served her well in her research and writing. Her subsequent training as a a Certified Natural Health Consultant led to an increased interest in agriculture and the environment, and ultimately to the need for systemic monetary reform. This is her second book. Her first was entitled The Two Faces of Money, co-authored with Ken Fousek. More information for both books can be found at

Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy The New Trifecta, Wasteland Press, Shelbyville, Ky. Published November, 2013 in paperback and February 2014 in Kindle and Nook. 292 pages.

Geraldine Perry

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