Best Ways To Improve Local SEO Rankings

SEO for small business need not be much complicated, if you focus your efforts, schedule some time and follow the steps which I have outlined below, you’ll be building a smart SEO strategy that will help you outshine most of your competitors.
BANGALORE, India - March 22, 2014 - PRLog -- Say Hello To Local SEO!

Many websites target users from all over the world, however not all businesses are active worldwide, sometimes they just want to improve their visibility for local customers. Local search results can vastly improve certain search queries, if you are looking for a ‘SEO in Bangalore’ it’s nice to see quickly in Google maps, this type of information can be triggered intentionally or otherwise, that is why we can divide these search queries in two groups.

Implicit Location Search

Certain search queries are location sensitive, search for ‘Hospital’ or ‘Doctor’ the chances that you’re looking for a Hospital or Doctor nearby, these are implicit location search queries because you didn’t specify a city. On the right side of the SERP we can see a map with local businesses. Click on the map to see these locations in Google Maps.

Google can become aware of your location by two ways, first you can enter it manually via search settings >Location (Click on Cog Wheel-Top right Corner), remember you can only specify location within country of your current Google domain. If you don’t specify your location Google will automatically detect your location based IP address.

Explicit Location Search

Location specific search results can also be triggered intentionally, if you add a location to a search query, Google will show you location based results.

For Example, if we search for ‘Web Design Bangalore’ Google will give us a list of web design companies in Bangalore, India. We triggered the location-based search algorithm by adding ‘Bangalore’ to the search query.

Any business which gets most of its customers locally can benefit from Local SEO. This is a big boon for local businesses, you don’t have to compete with large conglomerates on the search engines anymore, it’s becoming increasingly easy for you to position your website in a way that will get you noticed by the search engines.

Let’s see what we can do to improve the visibility of your site for local search queries.

Choose the Correct Domain Extension

A country specific domain extension is an important indicator for search engines to associate a website with geographic location. If you have a neutral domain extension(.com, .org, .net…etc.) you can use Google webmaster tools to link your site to a certain geographic region. Log in to your account and go to configuration> settings, on this page you can choose the geographic target of your site.

Choosing Your keywords:

Choose the right keywords, the general rule of thumb when selecting keywords is as follows :

·         Choose relevant keywords to your valwy business.

·         There must be a reasonable number of people searching for them.

·         There must not be ridiculous amount of competition for your keywords.

·         Keyword should have a good $ value

Optimize Your Website for local search:

There are several n-page factors that are critical in optimizing your website for local search which includes:

·         Title Tag

·         URL

·         Headings

·         Image Tag

·         Web Copy

·         Meta-Description

·         Physical Address and Phone number

Get Registered On Local Directories & Websites:

It’s essential that you get your business registered on local directory sites like the Yellow Pages and Yelp. Look to have a presence on the following types of websites in your area. Many of these entities will have a local business section

·         Newspaper

·         Local Press

·         Local Charities

·         Local TV Station

·         Local Radio

·         Your Local City Council


The most valuable thing you can do for your local business is create a reasonable amount of high quality content. You can also update the meta description. This is usually (but not always) what Google will publish on the search engine results page (SERP), so make it inviting and user-friendly.

Social Media Profiles:

Have a presence on high-ranking social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. Make certain that your profile on these networks includes your location, your name, address and phone number, these details should replicate exactly what you have on your website.

·         Google+ Local

·         Google Maps

·         Google+ Profile

To Conclude:

There are several technique that can improve your visibility for location specific search queries and if your business has a store or office in multiple locations, it’s best to create a unique URL for every location. Maybe you are already doing some of them and you know what works for you and what doesn't. If you haven't tried them all, try them now and see if this will have a positive impact on your rankings (and your business) or not.

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