CSS will issue a paper on Deception, Propaganda, and Disinformation

Washington, D.C.- Contingent Security Services, Ltd. will be working on reviewing the current practices of Deception, Propaganda and Disinformation in Latin America.
WASHINGTON - March 7, 2014 - PRLog -- Washington, D.C.- Contingent Security Services, Ltd. (http://contingentsecurity.com/) will be working on reviewing the current practices of Deception, Propaganda and Disinformation in Latin America.

In the last year, several campaigns were discovered that greatly affect commerce, transportation and security. While the tactics from these trying to deceive or influence political process has not change in the last 50 years, technology and social media have greatly impacted how these false stories can influence not only politicians but also society.

Victor Villalobos, Director of Social Media Monitoring, indicated that criminals as well "special interest groups" have been launching successful Deceit and Denial (D&D) Operations in Latin America like never before. Their abilities have been extremely elaborate and highly sophisticated.

This project will highlight some of the problems with misinformation in Latin America that many times is produced with one focus in mind and that is to mislead the reader. In some cases, detecting the deception operations comes too late and it can cost a country or a multinational, millions of dollars.

Propaganda is rampant in Latin America and it is necessary to train and re-train our intelligence (http://www.examiner.com/topic/intelligence) teams to detect Deceit and Denial (D&D) from countries and organizations.

“The world has changed in Latin America… our clients in Latin America are constantly trying to figure out what is true and what is false... it is important to be able to create not only filters to find the people behind the stories but also create a counterintelligence and counter-misinformation programs to fight back, or lose millions of dollars," indicated Rafael Varas, Director of Operations in Mexico.

Rafael Varas, has just been appointed Director of Operations in Mexico for Contingent Security Services, Ltd. and he is the CEO of Central de Alarmas ZEUS, S.A. de C.V.

This project is not to put one country, organization, or anyone in particular on the spot, the project is focused on assisting the Intelligence Communities of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, understand the dynamics playing in Latin America.

On May 2012, Argentina nationalized the biggest oil company in the country YPF, which sent foreign investment running out of the country. Companies lost billions of dollars in one move. Not much was written inside the intelligence platforms about this incident. It surprised many people and countries.

In the last 2 years "canal fever" in Central America has been promoting several multi-billion dollar canal projects by Chinese interests. Some appear to be working and some have fallen apart. Nothing is written about the reasons behind the projects.

"Projects like the canals proposed in Central America require a higher level of 'Open Source Intelligence Collection' not only to compare what is true and what is fiction but to enter into the close circles of these organizations and identify hidden agendas," according to Victor Villalobos, Director of Social Media Monitoring.

The document and research is going to be published by the end of May and it will be published inside thegovernment (http://www.examiner.com/government) platforms for these countries.

Contingent Security Services, Ltd. (http://www.contingentsecurity.com/) has produced significant research in the field of Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Policing. Last year it published the following papers:

· The Fusion of Intelligence and Law Enforcement

· The Corruption, Violence and the Active Recruiting of Law Enforcement by Drug Cartels on the United States is a Threat to National Security: The Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence Program

· Could criminals involved in the Mexican Drug War be considered Unlawful Combatants?

· The Threat Analysis Report on Mexico: A Comprehensive Threat Analysis Model for Mexico.

"This project will bring collaboration from around the world and perhaps the sharpest minds in Latin America, experts in D&D, and Intelligence Operations. It is important to equip the intelligence analysts today with only the best research," stated Rafael Varas, Director of Operations in Mexico.

The findings will be made available inside government platforms. Existing clients will also be able to obtain the research.

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