The Power of 1 - a doTERRA duplication model

Have you ever wondered how so many can recruit large organizations in doTERRA? A simple duplication model is all you need to follow!
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HEWLETT, N.Y. - Dec. 30, 2013 - PRLog -- Duplication - by definition means:  to make an identical copy of; to make or perform again.

This isn't brain surgery, you're simply copying what already exists.

Many doTERRA IPC's are looking for a specific plan to follow that will create huge wealth.  They are buying lead generation systems, websites, and investing their money into systems that are fully automated.  When in fact, all the money in the world won't buy them a large organization with doTERRA.  (well maybe if someone were to sell their doTERRA spot)

What we are talking about is simple steps of the successful and copied into your own business.  Following exactly what the successful are already doing!

The Power of 1 - is a very quick video showing you the growth one could have through duplication in network marketing with doTERRA as your business model!

What we've noticed being with doTERRA for the last 4 years is 4 simple steps all successful people are doing:

1. They purchase a minimum of 125pv worth of doTERRA products

They are a "Product of the Product".  Which means they are sold on using what works.  They don't stock up in their garage and tell everyone how great the products are...but they actually use the products and are reordering every month because they are running out of product.  If you are a doTERRA IPC and are still using another brand of Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Essential Oil, Toothpaste, Hair Gel, Skin Care Products, Lotions, Supplements -- STOP right now!

Get rid of all those other products and jump all in!!  Become a full doTERRA user!

2. Personal Development - Read from a good book at least 30 minutes every day!  Your personal income will be in direct relation to the amount of time you invest in yourself.  Want a higher income, invest more time in yourself!  As Jim Rohn says, "Work hard at your job and you can make a living.  Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune."

A few suggested "good books" can be found at (../12076554-personal-development-book-of-the-month-book-c...)

3.  Hold and attend at least 2 Essential Oil classes monthly!  This is a simple step!  By attending, you'll add to your knowledge of essential oils and hear from others and how they use the oils.  Want to attend a local event?  Check the calendar! - "Calendar of Events"  Always have a guest in attendance, if you can't get a guest to attend, attend yourself anyways!

4. Be here a year from now!   Plug in and actually do the previous 3 steps for a full year!  Engage and put effort into it.  You'll see results and you'll find that assisting others will change how you see everyone around you!

To learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils - join the club - - learn details about each essential oil specifically.

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