Confirmed Cache of Martian Gold Could Impact Future Gold Prices on Earth

Vast Quantities of Gold Located on Planet Mars in Cydonia Region and Southern Hemisphere, if Recovered, Could Negatively Impact/Slash Gold Values on Earth to Pre-1950's Prices
ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Dec. 26, 2013 - PRLog -- With the Peoples Republic of China landing the lunar rover, Yutu, on the Moon’s surface, researchers believe that exploration and mining of precious metals on the planet Mars could be next.  Scientists at the Green Mountain Laboratory Lenoir, NC,  led by NASA Scholar/Scientist Dr. Joseph A. Resnick, along with Dr. Ronald Stewart and Dr. Richard Archer, working with data sets and scans provided by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA and NASA’s Planetary Data System, have discovered infra-red and photon-scan data sets indicating that a massive quantity of the precious metal, Gold, or alloys thereof, may be hidden just below the surface in a structure known as ‘The D&M Pyramid’ in a region called, ‘Cydonia’.

The Cydonia region lies in Mars’ northern hemisphere in a transitional zone between cratered regions to the south and smooth plains to the north.  Paleo Astrobiologist, Dr. Richard Archer, a former US Naval Officer and Chief Modeling Scientist for USC-NOAA/Colorado Springs, and contributing investigator at the Green Mountain Laboratory, believes that the northern plains may have once been ocean beds and that Cydonia was most likely a coastal zone.

Cydonia was first imaged in detail by NASA’s Viking 1 and Viking 2 orbiters launched in 1975 and operated until 1980.  Eighteen images of the Cydonia region were taken by the orbiters.  Seven of those images had very high resolutions and eleven were of lesser quality.  In the initial seven hi-res photos the lighting and time at which two pairs of images were taken are so close that the number was actually reduced to five distinct images. Those images show what’s become known as ‘The Face on Mars’ and the ‘Pyramid of Cydonia’, later called the “D&M Pyramid”.

Acting on a request from Chinese businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. William Tien, CEO of AlphaLujo, Inc. (, a company that produces batteries for China’s auto industry and which has ties to the Chinese Space Agency, the Green Mountain Laboratory was commissioned to investigate the ‘Pyramid’ in the Cydonia region on Mars. Upon receipt of the request Dr. Resnick engaged Dr. Ronald Stewart, Director of the Exoscope Planetary Institute of Gonzales, TX to undertake a study of the Pyramid using a proprietary imaging process invented by Stewart, called “IMMI” which stands for ‘Infinite Micro-Macro Imaging Algorithm’. To strengthen the capability in achieving the mission objectives Dr. Resnick further engaged his long-time understudy and Protégé, Dr. Richard Archer, thereby enabling advanced modeling studies with Archer’s “S’0” Algorithm, a computer-based modeling program that enables the deep study of climatic variations in sediments and strata on earth and on celestial bodies, e.g., the Moon and Mars.

Using data sets obtained from NASA’s JPL/PDS archives, the D&M Pyramid at lunar coordinates 40°44′N 9°28′W / 40.74°N 9.46°W. was subjected to more intense study using the IMMI and the ‘S’0 Algorithms. Geometric studies produced by Dr. Ralph Greenberg of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington/Seattle (, disputing prior calculations claimed as accurate by former NASA employee, Richard Hoagland regarding the D&M pyramid, were used to determine approximate volumetric content of the structure with these compared to the targeted area comprising the base of the D&M Pyramid.

In analyzing the data, the NASA scans evaluated with IMMI and “S’0 processes, in combination with Dr. Greenberg’s findings, Dr. Stewart determined that as much as 60 billion ounces of gold could be contained in an area within the pyramid in a cube roughly 60 meters (197 feet) per side.  Today’s spot price for one troy ounce of gold is $1198.00 USD’s.  Thus, the potential value of the Martian gold, at that one site, if mined and transported back to earth today, could be as high as the staggering amount of $71,880,000,000,000.00 (Seventy-One Trillion Eight Hundred Eighty Billion Dollars).

Dr. Stewart said, “As shown in NASA’s budget the total cost of the Apollo program was $25.4 billion USD’s, or about 200 billion in 2013-Dollars.  Given the potential value of the Martian gold reserves at the D&M site, 72 trillion dollars, compared with the estimated cost of 200 billion dollars that would be required to finance a round-trip mission to Mars and back today, 200 billion is a drop in the bucket”.   Stewart continued, “If that were to happen and the Martian gold was recovered and brought back to earth … the value of gold would most probably fall to the pre-1950 price of about $35.00 Dollars per ounce, or lower.  This could be the underlying reason why venture capitalists, financiers and bankers are reluctant to provide funding to private companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic so that these private companies could actually gear-up to undertake exoplanetary mining missions.  And the D&M Pyramid is only one small area, among many, that we’ve discovered on Mars”.  Stewart said, “Another region discovered in Mars’ southern hemisphere is about twice as deep and twice as long as America’s Grand Canyon with the majority of the canyon walls being 40-50 meters thick.  This was determined based upon electronic signatures.  The signatures indicate that these walls appear to be comprised of solid gold.  But there’s a claim on that area by Team ROC of Alexandria, VA under the Universal Mineral Leases Registry enterprise ( (“.  Stewart concluded by stating, “As I read it, the present International Space Treaty has no jurisdiction over private individuals either claiming ownership or governing their activities relating to recovery of minerals from celestial bodies.  But, it does prohibit countries and signatories to the treaties (since 1967) from doing so.  The ‘Bottom Line’ is that whoever gets there first will probably end-up controlling the global gold commodities market.  And it looks like the Chinese already have their eyes on that gold, as well as the H-3 deposits on the Moon’.

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