Vertical Garden DIY in Under 1 Hour

Gardening newbies can now create their own vertical gardens in less than 60 minutes without having to hire help or pay a lot of money.
easy vertical gardening
easy vertical gardening
June 17, 2013 - PRLog -- Without spending a lot of time, money or effort, people new to vertical gardening can now make their own gardens - with unique kits that include all required materials.

There is no doubt about it: vertical gardens are cool, and they are getting a lot of attention these days because of it. However, the thought of building a structure can seem daunting, while buying a garden can get expensive.

Can a person realistically make one herself without spending thousands of dollars doing it? The answer is yes.

The Drawback to DIY Cost-Saving Strategies...

There are several ways to build a vertical garden structure without spending a lot of money, like using an old pallet or rain gutters. However, these methods can take several hours or days to build and/or a significant amount of know-how and construction tools.

Another Challenge of Vertical Gardening

In addition to framing the container, irrigation and drainage systems need to be installed, which can be tricky and time-consuming to figure out. Many gardeners would rather plant than build, making these do-it-yourself options less attractive.

The Solution for Do-It-Yourselfers...

Due to the growing interest in vertical gardening, companies have come out with a variety of different vertical garden kits. These systems not only include the container framing, but also the watering hoses and drainage bins built in. For many people, this alternative provides the ideal solution because it saves time and money and doesn’t require construction skills.

How to Choose a Kit:

There is a wide range of kits for sale. Gardeners who want to save money should look for a basic planter that doesn’t include a finished frame or decorative accessories, such as pockets or a flower tower. Plants with larger foliage will typically grow to cover a frame, so it will not be seen anyway.

How to Complete the Project in Under 1 Hour:

The first step is to choose a location for the garden. Second, attach the structure. Kits generally include all parts and instructions needed to do this. Third, fill the container sections with soil and plants, making sure to pack down the soil to secure the plants. Fourth, add water.

And lastly, enjoy!

For 5 vertical garden kits under $100, click here:

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