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March 5, 2013 - PRLog -- Last week we covered how a few users were experiencing overheating issues with their Surface Pro tablets, whereby the slates got extremely hot when running specific apps, games in particular.
The issue was brought up on the official Microsoft Support forums.
Now the company has decided to present the normal working temperatures for its flagship Windows 8 tablet, while also confirming that those experiencing higher spikes can exchange their device.
Good old Steven_B, the forum moderator over at the site, and a member of the Surface team confirmed that the temperatures should reach 37 degrees Celsius on cold boot and running on battery, and should go up to 44 degrees Celsius with the charged plugged in.

“If the temperature issue is really bothering you, you can exchange the Surface Pro and see if you experience the same issue with a different one”.
Bothering, he said!

Surface Pro, powerful as it is uses standard PC components, almost exclusively. Higher working temperatures, at least compared to Surface RT tablets, are to be expected.
Luckily, the issue is not rampant, and only a few odd devices have been verified to reach these temperature highs. Nevertheless, expect owners of such tablets to rush to their nearest Microsoft Stores to exchange them out.

Windows 8 Overtakes Windows XP In Latest Steam Statistics

While numbers from other sources show that Windows 8 had a slow month in February, one area where the new OS seems to be kicking into high gear is with gamers around the world.
In fact, the latest Steam data shows that Windows 8 is quickly increasing its market share, and has grown enough in the past few weeks that it has overtaken a certain 11 year-year-old operating system from the company.
Yup, I am talking about Windows XP.

According to Steam figures, Windows 8 tallied a combined market share of 9.63 percent in February, while Windows XP recorded a slight decrease in the same period to fall down to 9.33 percent.

Of course, no comparisons yet with the 64-bit version of Windows 7, which remains the de facto leader of the pack with a market share of 55.48 among Steam users. The32-bit version of the OS comes in at 13.83 percent.
Mac OS X 10.8 remains in its familiar territory of 1.71 percent, while Ubuntu 12.10 (the Linux flavor that has been getting some serious push by the gaming platform) only managed a 0.71 percent share.

All said and done, Windows 8 is an even more efficient at managing hardware and system resources than all previous versions of the OS. And no surprises here, considering how optimized the latest operating system is.
And the thing with PC gamers is that most hardcore ones want to drain the last ounce of performance from their computers. Hence, the fast adaption rate of Windows 8 in this demographic makes sense

App Watch: My Fortune Cookie Jar

While other platforms like iOS and Android boast a helpful amount of casual entertainment apps, Windows 8 still seems to be trying when it comes to this particular segment.
My Fortune Cookie Jar is one such app that provides some casual fun. As you would expect, this simple application gives you the ability to touch and read your fortune by cracking open the cookie, complete with a crisp accompanying sound.
Here is a detailed and (personal) description of the app complete with the background story:
“My Fortune Cookie Jar gives you a random fortune from an actual fortune cookie that was acquired at an authentic Asian restaurant! Over the past 20 years, Lauri (my girlfriend) has kept every fortune she received from every fortune cookie she was given while eating out at Asian restaurants all over the United States. This app is a repository of all of those fortunes, and now they are being shared with everyone!”
There are well over 550 fortunes in the database, and new updates bring even more. And with Twitter and Facebook integration right within the app, social sharing is a breeze. And better yet, you don’t need Internet access to zip through your fortune reveals.
All Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM) are supported by this free app.

Microsoft Takes a Swipe at Google’s Gmail

**This is a guest post written by Henry Conrad**
Ads, though somewhat annoying, are generally okay. As long as the content or message isn’t offensive to anyone, advertisements are acceptable. But what if the ads popping up on your webmail are there because some bots collected information from your personal email messages?  Isn’t that an invasion of privacy? This is exactly what Microsoft is using against its arch enemy Google when the former decided to use some political campaign-like strategy to take a swipe at the latter.

In its aggressive ad campaign, Redmond, WA software company Microsoft attacks the Mountain View, California-based giant Google in its privacy-intruding means of producing relevant ads by “skimming” through Gmail users’ email content. Microsoft takes a swipe at Google’s Gmail by warning users of being “scroogled” or ill-treated by Google.
Google “Scans” Email Content
In case you didn’t know, Google targets Gmail users with ads by scanning through content of email messages. Users understandably feel iffy about this, causing some would-be Gmail users to find other alternatives, and Microsoft is clearly aware of this tactic. In fact, Microsoft conducted a poll which showed that about 9 out of 10 Americans oppose such practice by Google. Unsurprisingly, the software giant is using this information to its advantage, relentlessly bashing its rival in a series of aggressive ads in print, TV, billboard, and online (ever seen the Gmail Man video on YouTube?). Microsoft resorted to such tactic in the hopes of luring Gmail users to switch over to Microsoft’s latest free webmail service,
Some analysts, according to published reports, are calling Microsoft’s strategy as “alarmist and irresponsible”. Privacy advocates, on the other hand, are ecstatic to see that privacy is being viewed by a huge company as Microsoft as a major and competitive selling point.
Gmail Still Popular despite Privacy Controversy
Since Gmail’s launch in 2004, Google has repeatedly assured its more than 70 million webmail users that the company employs an “automated process” in keyword searches done to show relevant ads. The company has further stated that “no humans” are reading users’ emails and that such automated process doesn’t compromise user privacy.
Despite the growing stigma that emails are subject to Google’s “prying eyes”, the company still has a huge number of users – a reason why Gmail has become Microsoft’s primary target. In December last year, Gmail had 76 million unique visitors, surpassing Microsoft’s 34.3 million. Yahoo remains the top email provider with 78.7 million unique visitors.
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