LeanMeanMarketing Shares Simple Lead Capture System that Runs Completely on “Autopilot”

The ultimate offline lead generation video released by LeanMeanMarketing reveals hip and free tool that triggers and generates offline leads automatically.
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Feb. 27, 2013 - PRLog -- Toronto, Canada - February 26, 2013

Generating leads is one of the lifelines of a business. Having a consistent flow of customers and prospects is undoubtedly essential to a business success. Andrew Hiddleston, owner of LeanMeanMarketing, and his team dedicate their work to provide a more comprehensive and competitive lean and mean marketing strategy. This has driven Hiddleston to tackle on topics (old or new) that are helpful to business owners every time a new video is being released from their site.

On the latest video published on their site, the dynamic business coach shares his discovery of a useful site for marketers and entrepreneurs called Search Tempest. This site is a fairly huge site that can be equated into a search engine that collects different Craigslist pages online.

When using Craigslist, one should be specific in the city or region he or she would like to search for because the search is usually limited and specific to a particular city or region per search. This means you cannot search multiple places at one time.

The good news is that with Search Tempest things become easier because it will allow you to search for multiple cities at once. It has a feature that will allow you to look for a number of cities in a hundred mile radius instead of looking for a result limited to one place at a time per search.

Hiddleston shares, “The real cool part about this tool is when you're doing your searches, you can save your searches as an RSS feed and then take that RSS feed and upload it into something like Google Reader. What that will do is be like an automatic scan and it will keep checking for those search terms, whether you type in something like web page design or Wordpress or whatever your business happens to be. You save the RSS from that search on Search Tempest, upload it into your Google Reader and it will be like an automatic query that will keep checking it.”

He continues, “What I would recommend you to do is that you make a list of all your keywords, all your terms, and all your different services, if you have an offline consultancy business, and run searches on Search Tempest. Save the RSS feeds from each one of those and then create a new Gmail account specifically for this purpose then upload and organize all the different feeds. If you really want to get high tech, you could probably hire somebody who could help you out with this who could add new searches and check that email address and it wouldn't be that expensive.”

Hiddleston continued with “essentially your offline lead generation (please see http://www.leanmeanmarketing.com/how-to-put-your-offline-...) is on autopilot”.


This tool is ideal for offline consultancy businesses because it can help do a wide variety of searches. In addition, it does not take long to set up. You can use it to search and save just about any product or search term that you are looking for.

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