Holy Matrimony! Reality TV Filmmaking Couple Seeks TV Wedding. Must Be The End of The World.

It must be the END OF THE WORLD if Steven and Tamara are getting married. It's much easier for these two to walk down the red carpet than to walk down the aisle. The only thing that could possibly lure this Hollywood couple into holy matrimony is...
By: Vanilla Fire
Dec. 1, 2012 - PRLog -- Find out this Monday December 3, 2012 when the planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn align over the Great Pyramids if Vanilla Fire's film will make the 2013 Oscar Shortlist. An official from the Awards Office has stated that "the shortlist will be going out hopefully on Monday."

This is the story of a filmmaking couple. He's a director. She's a producer. He's the news, she's his muse. He was on Larry King Live with Ed Harris and she is on the red carpet every year at the Night of 100 Stars interviewing filmmakers and A-list celebrities.

Barber says, "Hang out in the barber shop long enough and eventually you will end up getting a haircut." Norby Walters says, "Hang out at the Night of 100 Stars long enough and eventually you will end up becoming a star yourself." And that's exactly what happened to Steven after he put Tamara on the red carpet at this number one Oscar viewing party's red carpet in 2005. They became filmmakers and have since produced more films than you can count on one hand.

Before the world comes to an end this December 21, 2012, Vanilla Fire will be on Larry King Now on December 18, 2012 alongside the narrator of their current film, Kelsey Grammer, who has his own reality TV production company.

Then hang tight to find out on December 21, 2012 if it's really the end of the world. Metaphysical Reality TV Star Tamara Henry can speak to the evolutionary changes we are facing at this time on the Mayan calendar. "It's all about the energy," she says. Tamara's favorite kind of reality is metaphysical reality. She has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing. www.TamaraHenry.com She was the talk show host of her own spiritual entertainment talk show IN with Tamara Henry, a slot on Time Warner's public access channel that she inherited from Steven who had been using it to make crank celebrity phone calls, until he met Tamara one day in 2004 at the post office in Santa Monica, and his transformation began.

Steven C. Barber (NY bully) and Tamara Henry (sweet Southern belle) have lived out their entire romantic life on reality TV.

They met on Blind Date,
He tried to send her to the moon on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,
They broke up on Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty,
They got help for Steven on the USA Network,
She threatened to leave him three times on Millionaire Matchmaker... and once on Who Wants To Date A Comedian,  
He proposed to her in 2009 on the red carpet at the Night of 100 Stars,
They had their "children" on Petfinder on Animal Planet,
They landed on the 2010 Oscar shortlist with their inspirational film,
They finally got therapy (coming soon) on Bravo,
Brides of Beverly Hills on TLC might help them find the perfect wedding gown,
and now...  
is Bridezillas Season 10 is the only way Vanilla Fire can tie the knot?!

Go to www.RealityTVCouple.weebly.com to see each twist and turn that went down on national television.

As a filmmaker and a TV news anchor, it's much easier for them to walk down the red carpet than to walk down the aisle. The only thing that could possibly lure them into holy matrimony is... a TV wedding!!?? Could be because everything they do is either on film or TV, as they are seen here in social media being honored by The Golden Goody Award, aka Oscar for social good:


As an obsessive compulsive ADD Facebook addict and VP of Social Media for Vanilla Fire, Tamara has catapulted herself and Steven to their level on their own, without the help of any agent, manager or professional PR help.

Uber reality TV producer Mark Burnett gave them money in 2008 and they made their very first film, which landed on the 2010 Oscar shortlist and in 2012 was named one of the Top 10 Olympic Films of all time by TIME magazine.

This caffeinated cinema couple with cute pets have been on the road to Oscar since 2004. He lives in Santa Monica. She lives in the heart of the Tsunami zone on Venice Beach. They have cute pets. And lots of drama.

Will their film make the Oscar shortlist this year? Find out December 3rd of 2012. Tamara's local TV show "Metro Motion" was nominated for a Los Angeles Area Emmy this year. Could this be their year?

Anyone who knows the spiritual schmiritual side of Tamara knows she thinks her life is The Truman Show. She even has a documentary that she would die to have Jim Carrey narrate. During the Emmys she ended up on The Truman Show wall at Paramount Studios. Sumner Redstone happens to be one of the ten billionaires that have contributed to Vanilla Fire films. And Ed Harris narrated one of them!  

Vanilla Fire has two reality TV show concepts in the works and is looking for a reality TV production company who needs a couple of conscious content creators - a documentarian duo with a daily dose of drama, as the next leg of their journey will feature the fastest man in America on a pair of carbon fiber Cheetah blades in their next film The Invincibles, as they continue their Road To Oscar.

Last time Barber made a round of pitch meetings for his reality show concept Rejection: Chasing Billionaires he was about to make some great DIY reality television. Of the 1,112 billionaires on the planet, he went on to get more than a dozen of them to write checks, adding fuel to his Vanilla Fire.

Now that the planets are aligned once again, will these two filmmaking forces be able to tie the knot? Are they gonna kill each other or are they gonna make a film! Will the cameras be rolling this time around for Lights... Tamara... Action!

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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