Caesarean (C-Section) child birth...a boon for mankind !

Who would think that the modern style of easy child birth known as Caesarean could actually prove to be a priceless boon for the Child in question, the parents and mankind in general?
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Aug. 5, 2012 - PRLog -- Vedic astrologers are an excited community, as this process of artificial child birth actually provides them a chance to manipulate destiny, something they never really had control over for centuries. Astrology is a science of planets which predicts future events based on the fusion of energy of planets, zodiac signs and the twelve ‘houses’ of a horoscope, needless to state that each horoscope is highly individualistic and complex. A good horoscope is one in which friendly (harmonious) planetary energies dominate the influence of which is well spread out over a lifetime.  The twelve ‘houses’ in a horoscope represent various life aspects like Personality (1st House), Wealth (2nd house), Courage (3rd house), Home/Happiness (4th house), Progeny (5th house), Health/Disease (6th house), Spouse (7th house), Longevity/Death (8th house), Fate/Spirituality (9th house), Career (10th house), Gains/Social life (11th house) and Losses/Emancipation (12th house). The disposition of planets is read in reference to the ‘ascendant’ (1st house), which is the starting point and would fall in any one of the zodiac signs. For example if a person is born in Aries ascendant, the most important planet for him would be Mars as it becomes the ascendant lord and it is important that this planet be placed in an important location in the horoscope like one of the cardinal houses (1,4,7,10) and with minimum negative aspects, so that this planet gives its best impact to the person in question. Now the friendly planets to Mars like Sun and Jupiter also become instrumental as they will further strengthen the horoscope with good results. A horoscope is also read from the ‘Moon Sign’ or the sign where Moon is placed, which makes Moon one of the primary planets as among other things it represents the ‘Mind’ a faculty which is directly related to happiness, intelligence and personality. Talking about the ‘personality’ of a person, the ascending sign is crucial falling into any of the four ‘elements’ (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) which finally denotes the temperament of a person. Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and such a person is highly imaginative. Air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini and these people are quick and animated.  Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces which make a person emotional and creative. Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo and these people are practical and apply themselves with endurance. So we see that the ascendant in a horoscope denotes how the personality and temperament of a person will shape up. Can an astrologer control the ‘ascendant’, the answer to which is in the affirmative to be discussed later. Planets who are the mainstay in a horoscope change the twelve ‘houses’ everyday but can stay in a particular zodiac sign muck longer due to the revolution of Earth. Moon however is the fastest moving luminary, who changes signs approximately every sixty hours and is the easiest to manipulate in terms of its placement in the horoscope.
So the point is if a Vedic astrologer is given an option to choose the birth date and time of a child, can he come up with the most optimum horoscope? The answer is a big ‘YES’ as the astrologer can erect multiple horoscopes in advance playing with the given options of dates and the time frames in those days to come up with a good ‘ascendant’ whose lord and friends are well placed and the Moon is strong, which is enough to bestow the child with a pleasing personality and a happy future.
In the case of a C-section or Caesarean the parent is usually given an option of two or three days by the doctor in which to decide the birthday keeping in mind the safety of both the mother and the child. Hence the astrologer has to work out the best horoscope within the specified date range. Apart from the factors mentioned earlier the other vital points to keep in mind while deciding on the birth day and time of a child are:
1)   Mars blemish needs to be avoided a configuration detrimental to marriage bliss.
2)   Planets in debility have to be evaded.
3)   Of course the placement of ascendant lord and Moon are most crucial.
4)   Moon should be strong preferably with support of other benefic planets as a lonely with no planetary support on either side causes ‘Kemadruma Yagya’, which leads to all kind of problems in life.
5)   Planets in 6th, 8th and 12th houses should be avoided.
6)   The starting Main Planetary Period is very important in life which is decided by the Moon sign. The astrologer has to see that the planetary period of the best planet in the horoscope, known as Yoga Karaka in Vedic astrology should operate in the youth of the person, so that the person can experience maximum benefit and cosmic assistance when he needs it the most.
7)   Major Yoga formations of success and prosperity should be present in the horoscope.

The role of astrology in child birth time pre-determination is in fact a boon for mankind as it will only enhance the intellectual quality and substance of the new generation. Being able to manipulate destiny in any which way is itself a ‘miracle’, but this certainly doesn’t put the status of an astrologer any closer to a super being, as destiny decided by the cosmic forces still reigns supreme because placement of the major planets cannot be manipulated in the horoscope, though their roles can be altered.
Deciding the Caesarean child birth time is a very specialized subject and not all astrologers are competent enough to handle it. However a few leading astrology websites from India like have dwelled deep into the subject and are offering comprehensive Caesarean horoscope readings by e mail. This astrological reading is a fantastic reference document and should be taken advantage of by all to-be parents worldwide.
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