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A horoscope is a picture of the 'distributed energy' spread across several channels (aspects) of an individual’s life depicted by the benefic & malefic planetary configuration within it. This 'energy' when balanced results in rapid healing.
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Aug. 11, 2008 - PRLog -- Essence of Astrology: This cosmos is interplay of 'energy' and the manifestation of all seen and unseen objects in this universe is a result of fragmentation of divinity or intelligent supreme energy. The essence of Vedic astrology lies in the study of these non physical forces that polarize at various levels of existence to guide the destiny of human individuals. It is interesting to note that Indian astrology recognized the correspondence between the 'chakras' (energy centers) in a human body and the seven celestial bodies known as the 'planets'. A 'soul' in its journey towards 'perfection' (nirvana), needs to learn many lessons which it does over a period of countless births & re-births. Every 'lesson' learnt leads to a productive transformation in its nature which in turn results in additional downpour of energy thereby elevating 'its' evolutionary status and naturally its destiny.

Indian Horoscope: A horoscope is in fact a picture of the 'distributed energy' spread across several channels (aspects) of an individual’s life depicted by the benefic & malefic planetary configuration within the twelve 'houses'. The map of the sky at the time of a persons birth, defines the 'energy' quotient for that individual. An astrologer recognizes this spread of 'energy' within various 'houses' of a Vedic horoscope and can decipher the final collective final outcome of various influences that pass through powerful radiating centers namely twenty seven asterisms, twelve signs and nine planets.

The twelve houses in a Vedic horoscope, define various aspect of human life and the planetary placements in these houses with a backdrop of constellations and signs define the positive & negative energy distribution. A well coordinated system is in place whereby in relation to the 'ascendant' or the 'sign rising on the eastern horizon' at the time of birth; the 'dark' (disturbed) &  'bright' (flawless) energy spots can be identified in a horoscope. A fragment of 'energy' is disturbed when it has passed through opposing celestial force centers signified by an uncomfortable placement of a planet in an enemy sign or aspected by more powerful malefic forces. Predictions cannot be generalized. Correct interpretation depends on an understanding of all the relevant factors as well as an understanding of the spiritual laws operating on the universe and man. Unless the astrologer has the intuitive comprehension of this interrelationship between the various 'forces', predictions cannot be correct.

Vedic astrology also takes into account the power of 'free will' bestowed on every soul, the magnitude of which is apparent by the concentration of planets above or below the horizon in a horoscope. Where there is 'free will', there is an opportunity to alter destiny by attracting bonus 'energy' from the cosmic store house. Prayer, devotion, compassion, selfless service, yoga, meditation and gemstone therapy are the prescribed paths to elevation.

Gemstone Therapy in Astrology: Vedic astrology speaks highly of the healing powers of gemstones. Ancient sages by practice of Yoga were able to activate 'chakras' within their aura at will and during heightened levels of consciousness become recipients of secret divine knowledge. The correlation of specific celestial radiations with individual gemstones was one such revelation, which the seers incorporated into astrology. It has now been successfully experimented that gems do in fact attract cosmic radiations and influence a horoscope significantly, when worn in correct configuration as per a horoscope.

As a standard rule of astrology, only gems related to benefic planets (as per an individual birth chart) should be worn.  Strengthening of benefic (bright) energy is desirable as it would only help a person, by way of enhancing the qualities of that particular 'house' where it is placed and its bright radiance will also dilute the negative energy centers elsewhere by way of its 'aspect'. So recommendation of a gemstone is of vital importance and should be done only by a competent astrologer. There is a wide spread misconception that gems related to a malefic planet will transform its effects into positive. But in actuality, the nature of a malefic planet never changes as it is a part of a person’s karmic impediment. So strengthening a malefic energy center would only cause more destruction. The Blue Sapphire which represents the great 'Saturn' in particular is a gemstone to be careful of and should be worn only after a thorough study of the horoscope. However there is another school of thought that links astrology with palmistry. It believes that the malefic influence of a planet can be reduced by wearing the relevant gemstone on a 'left hand' (past karma) finger instead of the regular 'right hand'. This logic though not documented, seems to work in majority of the cases and confirms the karmic penetrative abilities of gemstone therapy.

A gem when compatible with a horoscope, can elevate a persons destiny to significant heights as this added 'energy' can single handedly actualize the hidden potential in a horoscope which otherwise would have remained latent. In other words gemstones optimize a horoscope and should be widely used for they exist for the benefit of mankind. The search for a suitable gemstone starts with a consultation with a competent Vedic astrologer and then the purchase through a trusted source. Clarity, cut and carat are the three 'C's to look out for. The gem must be natural and not treated. It must be clear with minimal disturbance within it, as this facilitates transmission of cosmic radiation. Finally, the gem must be set in an astrological 'ring' which is different from regular jewelry. An astrology ring is open from beneath and the gem is set in such a way, that it touches the skin of the wearer. This brings optimum results.

About the Author: 'The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers' is a respected Vedic astrology organization based in New Delhi, India. They provide comprehensive 'Horoscope Readings' online through their official website  and also ship authentic 'Gemstone Astrological Rings' throughout the world.

# # # is a leading astrology website powered by a large network of Vedic astrologers who work in tandem to provide manually interpretated horoscope readings based on Indian astrology. All horoscope readings are sent by E Mail and can be availed online.
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