Carolina Consulting Looks into Effective Management of Sales in Business

Carolina Consulting reviewed the psychology and mindset behind successful salespeople, and how to coach these personality traits to success. Carolina Consulting has highlighted options businesses can take to boost productivity in their sales teams
By: Carolina Consulting
Feb. 29, 2012 - PRLog -- Carolina Consulting has reviewed the psychology and mindset behind successful salespeople, and how to coach these personality traits to success.  By researching methods of coaching to suit different personalities, Carolina Consulting has highlighted options businesses can take to boost productivity in their sales teams, and maximise results.

Carolina Consulting observed common findings in studies by Kelley Robertson of the Robertson training group, a seasoned business professional from Burlington well-known for delivering compelling sales presentations and training workshops, from his opinion on the 10 Characteristics of a successful salesperson. Carolina Consulting have explored how to coach a business’s sales force to put more focus on a these successful traits.  The three traits most interesting to Outsourced Sales brand Carolina Consulting are Persistence, the ability to listen, and setting goals including taking responsibility for results.  To teach a sales person to develop these skills allows for stronger client relationships to be formed as well as allowing a person to achieve goals effortlessly.

Carolina Consulting is aware that running a business or a team requires persistence and that obstacles will arise on a daily basis regardless of how well planned a project may be. It is this ability to overcome challenges that will determine the outcome of the project, teaching a person to explore alternative options encourages them to become a forward thinker, the goal here is to push them towards thinking of solutions, then highlighting the positives and drawbacks of each option allowing the individual to predict the best possible outcome.

Carolina Consulting recognises a common misconception in sales is to think that you need to pitch a product or service. Kelley Robertson highlights that a great sales person will listen: "Great sales people know that customers will tell them everything they need to know if given the right opportunity". They will ask questions that are aimed specifically at gaining answers that will highlight buying signs.  Knowing buying signs and knowing when to close is a key skill, Voss Graham author, consultant, coach and speaker, highlights phrases that highlight that an individual is displaying buying signs, looking out for relaxed body language, smiles or phrases to the effect of "this is great, I can see this working for us, or wow, this will make our life so much simpler!" or if they begin to haggle over details, are clear indications that a person is ready to buy. Carolina Consulting uses buying signs through many of their sales campaigns and agrees being able to identify these will allow sales to be closed during a period of impulse and ensuring consolidation of that sale.

For a sales person to be successful Carolina Consulting places value on the importance of goal setting and being held accountability of results. Jack Bertok of Carolina Consulting comments "Goal setting is great for motivation and visualising the end result, but having excuses of why goals aren't achieved is not acceptable, a person's results are determined by their actions and attitude towards a task, having a 'can do' attitude is a must in a sales environment".  Carolina Consulting promote having a well planned approach to a task is a great start to achieving success in a project, it is also important to highlight the importance on having a great attitude will have on results. Successful sales people know that their actions alone will determine their results and they do what is necessary. Coaching this theory requires clear expectations to be identified from the outset, and needs to be followed up to check progress at specific stages.

Carolina Consulting appreciate the importance of effective team management and the effect it has on the results that are achieved, implementing regular training to allow continued success. It will also be a great opportunity to highlight any area’s that need strengthening to ensure maximum productivity is achieved.


About:  Carolina Consulting is a premiere privately owned and operated company with over 10 years of outsourcing direct sales experience.  Helping our clients increase their market share combined over 25% and a new client base of over one million.  Expanding into the UK in 2008 from USA, Carolina Consulting has doubled in size and will exceed growth expectations of 10 locations across Great Britain by 2012.  International expansions to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are expected by 2013.

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Carolina Consulting Ltd entered the London market in 2008 and expanded to Liverpool in 2011. We are an innovative consulting company that opened its doors in response to the demands from clients for a more results driven marketing approach.
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