Halloween Book Release on Amazon Kindle Exposes Author’s Experience with Ouija Board

Kindle Best Selling author, Emily Hill, admits a certain terror over Ouija boards as she looks toward celebrating the success of her book, ‘Ghost Stories And the Unexplained’ and warns readers to look out for her 'Tales of Terror' eBook.
Ghost Stories And The Unexplained ~ Kindle & Nook
Ghost Stories And The Unexplained ~ Kindle & Nook
Oct. 29, 2011 - PRLog -- A.V. Harrison Publishing asked author Emily Hill to treat readers with an excerpt of her recently released Kindle Best Selling eBook, ‘Ghost Stories And the Unexplained’.  

Here is our interview with Ms. Hill:

AVH:  You are running a ‘Terrify us!’ campaign as part of your marketing strategy for ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained'.  Have your own experiences with the supernatural been terrifying?

EMILY HILL:  Actually, all of my paranormal experiences have been benign, with one exception -  my experiences with the Ouija.  I would add my cautionary warning to all of those in the paranormal investigation circles who advise against using a Ouija board.

Visit http://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Stories-Unexplained-Events-ebook/dp/B005P4EFNE for details.

The collection of seven ghost stories featured in ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained’ includes one of my Ouija board experiences.  It was terrifying.  The Ouija was summoned at one of my slumber parties.  Here is an excerpt from Chapter Five of ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained’:

"(As) the last chime of midnight echoed down the hall, bouncing off the darkened walls, four of us took our places at the séance table.  The Ouija and its planchette had been placed, waiting for us.  It moved slowly and methodically around the board as the candles we had lit flickered, throwing macabre shadows around my bedroom.

“What’s that?” yelped Mindy.  She was staring intently at my closet doors which were intended to slide back and forth on a center-clip track.

“Oh no!”

“Are they swinging?”

Yes, indeed they were; actually swinging back and forth.  The clip that kept the two sliders on track weren’t working, or something.  The doors weren’t sliding open and shut; they were beginning to swing back and forth, hitting against the clothes hanging in my closet and then swinging into the open room as though they were not being held by the clip at all.  Lindsay stood up.  Debbie began gulping and crying.  

“Flip on the light!”

Bunched together like a football huddle we stumbled in the semi-darkness toward the light switch.  Marty flipped her palm up, across the plate.  Nothing happened.  By this I mean the overhead light did not go on.  At least we had the candle light.

“I want out,” Debbie sobbed.  

We heard the closet doors slide open.  I am sure that, although it was 1967 and we were on the cheer squad, where such language was not tolerated, someone said, “We are going to be in so much trouble!”  (At this absurdity) we started giggling, all except Debbie, who was in complete meltdown.

“It’s your dad, right?”

“My dad hates this stuff.  He thinks it’s BS,” I whimpered.  “Now everybody be perfectly still and shut up.  I don’t want to wake up my parents.”  Years of domestic tumult had allowed me to perfect the skill of compartmentalizing so that the sheer terror I felt could be set aside until later.  Under no circumstances did I want things to get so out of control that my dad would have to be summoned from a sound sleep into a den of terrified teenagers.

(S)uddenly the closet doors stopped swaying, as mysteriously as they had begun.  No one said a word.  The doors hung quietly, on their track, perfectly still."


AVH:  Is this the only experience you have had with Ouija boards?

EMILY HILL:  I have had two slumber party experiences with the Ouija board.  Neither one was what I would term 'benign'.  /A person may want to read ghost stories at Halloween, but my personal advice is to stay as far away from Ouija boards as possible."

AVH: What other supernatural elements does your eBook include?

EMILY HILL (laughing): Oh the usual.  My mother was famous for getting us to come home before dinner by telling us of the banshees who would fly over the forests of Ireland grabbing children who did not go home at dusk.  That story is included.  But I've also added poltergeists, hauntings, and ghost sightings.  It's an equal opportunity scare fest!

Email to Ms. Hill can be directed to info@avharrison-publishing.com.

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