Join Carrot, Banana & Peach at The UK Yoga Show and find much more than just yoga clothes.

From 28th to 30th October this year, the prestigious National Hall, Olympia, will hold the 8th Annual Yoga show, where Yogis and Yoginis throughout the UK and from around the world flock together to learn more about their mind, body and soul.
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Oct. 23, 2011 - PRLog -- From 28th to 30th October this year, the prestigious National Hall, Olympia, will hold the 8th Annual Yoga show, where Yogis and Yoginis throughout the UK and from around the world flock together to learn more about their mind, body and soul through the ancient practice of Yoga.

Seminars, live classes and a chance to rub heads on and off the mat with the who’s who of yoga each day, The Yoga Show, is the perfect introduction for beginners and a great platform for the more experienced Yogi or Yogini to reach their next level. With over 200 exhibitors offering, specialized retreats, different styles of yoga, teacher training courses, self healing, clothing and accessories all under one roof, it’s the ultimate yoga experience.

Carrot, Banana & Peach, one of the oldest and most authentic yoga brands who have pioneered the use of Bamboo in yoga clothing around the world, will exhibit once again for the eighth year running.

The UK sports brand which established itself in 1999 has stuck to its roots of creating performance wear crafted from natural based products, ensuring the use of renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly materials at every opportunity, including the packaging.

So what will you expect to find or gain at the Carrot, Banana & Peach booth?  We asked Tom Gartside, Creative Director and founder.

Why do you attend The UK Yoga show?

“The UK Yoga Show is one of several yoga shows we do throughout the world. At these events you essentially introduce your brand in its entirety, directly at the people it’s focused at. So it’s a chance to interact with our customers on a one on one basis and within a casual fun environment whilst teaching them about our products.”

What goes on at your booth?

“The Yoga Show is where the core yoga community within the UK meets each year, from studios, students, teachers and businesses, so over the last 8 years we have all become great friends. It’s a fun event and a chance to spoil our loyal customers with a few special offers, competitions and by putting a few favorite items on a special Yoga Show discount. This year we’ve produced a limited edition item only for the yoga show.

What is it?

“You’ll have to wait and see, but were also giving away a free gift for all our Facebook and Twitter users who have signed up on or before October 28th, 2011, so get tweeting now! “

How are your customers different at The Yoga Show than elsewhere?

“It’s not that the customers are different, because most of our retail is situated in the best yoga studios, spas and resorts around the world, so majority of our customers are purchasing our product for Yoga.  What is different is that at the show, we can speak directly to the customers and find out what they like, what they don’t and get direct feedback.  We can also get a good idea based on the sales of what are the best sellers.”

There are many brands at the show, how is yours different?

“Good question! Actually there are a lot of new brands appearing on the scene, and each year we see more and more. Furthermore a couple of years ago we were the only brand doing bamboo, but now seems businesses have shot up everywhere offering bamboo and more recently Modal.  We like to think we were the global pioneers of bamboo and Modal, as there used to be a time when we were the only ones offering it, both in the USA, ASIA and Europe.  But it’s a good thing, bamboo is an important green movement and the more we shift from polyester based products or even cotton the better for our planet. We still feel our blend of bamboo with organic cotton is unique and hard to copy as there is a bit of a ‘Coca-Cola’ secret behind it.“

What other green elements lie behind the brand?

“We essentially use minimum packaging with a ‘one tag policy’.  This means that any item is limited to one tag to explain what it is and no internal pages. We love our brand and our product, but feel printing it uses precious paper and materials. Even though we use recycled paper and print everything using Soya ink, it’s still using resources and with technology today, people can access the extra information from our website.  So as long as we can explain what it is they are buying and any ingredients that are within on a single tag and make use of each side, the customer seems happy, we feel good and the planet can provide less.“

What green elements have you introduced at your stand?

“We also reuse all our materials from The Yoga Show, so each year we produce fabric banners that we cover our stand with, rather than printing on wood, or cardboard which can’t be reused afterwards.  They tend to last throughout the year so we take them to all the yoga shows and reuse every part as they can all be rolled up and travel the world in with your regular luggage.”

What about the plastic bags the clothes come in?

“We have always used recyclable and biodegradable bags, but again, even though they are recyclable, they are made from precious resources, so we make all our bags resealable and request all our retailers to return the bags each season for us to re-use. Which is why customers will often find through our internet sales that the bags have been re-used.”

“There’s lots of green ideas behind the brand, but were not just about being green, it’s about sharing the interest of both planet and fellow human beings and trying to help everyone where you can. At the previous yoga shows from 2008 to 2010, you may have noticed we produced all our paper bags through a drug rehabilitation program in India, where drug offenders created our shopping bags from unused newspapers collected around Mumbai. This helped them by bringing them back into society as well as made good use of wasted paper.”

Are you involved in other charities?

“Yes, we’ve been an avid supporter of the Pistorio Foundation since 2006. These guys are based in Italy and Singapore, they essentially ensure the livelihoods of young kids who may be in desperate situations by giving them a chance to go to school and keep them from sex trafficking, slavery or other dreadful things that the parents sometimes enforce them into.

Do you do yoga?

“I’ve been doing yoga for over 10 years, I am no master though, despite doing it for a decade! I’d like to take a year out and only do yoga and become good at it.  I try and practice each morning and spend a lot of time on the breathing part of it, it helps me clear my mind and focus on what I have to do that day.”

What form of yoga do you like?

“I enjoy a variety of forms of yoga, some which are less known like Svastha, where I’ve had the great opportunity of meeting with A.G Mohan personally and spending time in Singapore learning under some of his students.   I also do like the occasional Bikram class and also enjoy the online yoga studio experience from Dru Yoga/ I like to do my own series made of a mix of all of them each morning, it wakes me up!  

What will people take away from the show?

“Hopefully a mind full of knowledge and a few of our clothes to inspire them to continue doing yoga!”

About Carrot, Banana & Peach.

The CBP name stands for performance and sustainability in sportswear. Since 1999, our clothing has been inspiring yogis and yoginis, dancers and athletes around the world. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our use of natural and renewable materials. We are proud to have pioneered the use of Bamboo, Modal and Organic Cotton fabrics in sportswear. CBP sports clothing is worn by a global yoga community that spans the UK, Asia, Europe and parts of America. We like to think that has a lot to do with our eco-friendly values. All our clothing is comfortable, breathable and flexible -- yet tough enough to withstand the most rigorous training session. We invite you to take a deep breath and enjoy!

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