JailTime-What You Need to Know…Before You Go to Federal Prison!-It's Now Available Again!

What is contained in "JailTime, the Book" that a Federal District Judge prevented it from being sold. That’s right, this judge was so afraid of the truth that he prevented the sale of Jail Time for over a year and a half. Why? Read below.
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Oct. 6, 2011 - PRLog -- There are federal prison guidebooks and there is "The Federal Prison Guidebook". Which ones really help the defendant or inmate? Which prison preparation book tells the whole truth, explains in detail what really goes on in federal prison, and prepares the defendant or inmate for what is really about to happen. Which book is a no holds barred compilation that actually informs, instructs, prepares, and provides the whole truth about federal prison and the criminal justice prosecution process? After reading Jail Time-What You Need to Know…Before You Go to Federal Prison!, my money is on this book. This is the book that will help you transition from the world you now know to the world you are about to enter—the world of the incarcerated inmate? Believe me; those two worlds are drastically different!

Why did the Federal District Judge stop the sale of Jail Time, the Book? You can go to the website http://www.jailtimeconsulting.com to find out. Michael Frantz, federal prison consultant and author of Jail Time, tells it all when he provides an accounting of how screwed up and out of whack this criminal prosecution system really is.  

On his website Michael Frantz states, “After three years of writing my book, Jail Time—What you need to Know…Before you go to Federal Prison!, and another year of editing, proofing, and preparing it for publication; it was finally finished.  I was exhausted but extremely happy and proud. This was a labor of love for me. Finally, a book that told the real facts about prison and the entire federal prosecution system was in print. It was a no holds barred book, but it was truthful, honest, and based on fact, not fiction. Jail Time was realistic and told the facts as they really are. It wasn't flattering to the Bureau of Prisons or the Federal Justice System, but it was accurate, precise, and straightforward.

I knew prison had been challenging but I soon found out that my three years of supervised release would be even more challenging. After three years of preparation in prison and almost one year of preparation after prison, I was ready to help and assist those individuals facing federal incarceration as a Prison Consultant. Jail Time was published and it sold like hot cakes. The publisher soon ran out of copies and had to print more. I requested permission from my probation officer to be a Prison Consultant and after an examination and interview I was granted permission. Jail Time Consulting started with a boom and continued as I was fielding calls and getting new clients almost daily. Fox News called, ABC’s 20/20 News Program called, and even the Oprah Winfrey television channel called. Then disaster struck. My probation officer was transferred and I was assigned a new probation officer. From day one my new P.O. made it his goal to prevent me from being a prison consultant. I remember to this day his exact quote. He said, "I think criminals need to be punished and they don't need help. I would never have allowed you to do this and I will do everything in my power to stop you." This is the type of moronic and diabolical individual who is lucky he has a job as a probation officer because he could certainly not get a job in the "real world".

Equally moronic and diabolical was the federal district judge who actually shut down Jail Time Consulting, the Jail Time Consulting website, and my book. His bias, prejudice, and slanted views were evident throughout the hearing. He didn't like what I said in my book and objected to my statements that probation officers do have slanted views against defendants when they write PSI's and that judges were not always fair, impartial, and non-discriminatory. He also said that AUSA’s were honest and fair and only wanted to get to the truth. As I sat there in court listening to him rattle on and on I thought, “What a crock of _____!”   Needless to say, Jail Time Consulting closed in December 2009 and remained closed until 2011 when I was finally off of supervised release and finally free.

During my hiatus I was forced to shut down the website, find other help for the existing clients, and not accept any new clients. Jail Time, the Book, the Business, the Company, was essentially off the market. I was devastated but used this devastation to create a renewed strength and fortitude. I reviewed JTC's existing programs and made them better. I reviewed the law and created new programs based on the BOP's own policies and procedures and the law. All this was done in anticipation of starting again in 2011. Jail Time Consulting started with a boom again and the rest is history. Now you can once again get Jail Time, the Book and learn what Probation Officers and U. S. District Judges don't want you to know. Now you can find out “What you need to know…Before you go to Federal Prison!”

Many books are written about federal prison that provide generic information about prison and supposedly tell you how to prepare for it. Many of these books are written by current inmates or former federal prison inmates.  Everything from prison food recipes to horrible stories about maximum security lockdown is covered. There certainly are prison food recipes available and maximum security lockdown isn’t pleasant, but shouldn’t a book about federal prison and the conditions of federal prison offer much, much more? Some books even tell you how to exercise. If you don’t know that by now, I guess you never will.

Even more ridiculous are the books written by former prison guards. Most prison guards are not educationally capable of writing a guidebook on federal incarceration. Ask any federal inmate, he or she will verify that. These books contain forms, stories, and lists of meaningless items.  Is that what you want in a federal prison guidebook? I don’t think so.

A good federal prison guidebook is one that is written by someone who has experienced federal prison firsthand. He should know the Bureau of Prisons’ programs, procedures, policies, and has experienced life in a federal prison. The guidebook should contain facts about federal prison, how to really prepare for the transition to prison life.

An even better federal prison guidebook will be written by a federal prison consultant who has been a former white-collar inmate. He not only can write about what really goes on in prison and what the new inmate can expect, but he can also write about the recent changes in policy, new laws, and new requirements which affect entering defendants. After all, that’s his job. The federal prison guidebook should contain a large question and answer section, an inmate terms or jargon section, a glossary of definitions, and an appendix of needed forms and addresses. There is one such book. That book is—Jail Time, What you need to know…Before you go to Federal Prison! and it is now available again.

A federal prison guidebook that meets all these qualifications and criteria is available. Its author is a leading national federal prison consultant. The book is Jail Time, What you need to know…Before you go to federal prison! The federal prison consultant is Michael Frantz. Now, both white-collar defendants and blue-collar defendants can have the best of both worlds. There are generic books on the market. But wouldn’t you rather have the one that sets the standard. The one federal prison guidebook most widely used and recognized that is available in both a paperback and an e-book edition. Too much is at stake. This is your one chance to make the right decision. Make the correct one. Jail Time is sold at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most online bookstores. You can also purchase Jail Time at http://www.jailtimeconsulting.com.

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Michael Frantz is a leading Federal Prison Consultant with Jail Time Consulting (JTC) in South Florida. The staff of JTC provides sentence reduction strategies, research, and many pre- and post-sentencing services for their clients. Michael has authored a bestselling book on federal prison titled, “Jail Time, What you need to know…Before you go to federal prison!” He has also authored over thirty-five JT Special Reports© on various federal prison issues affecting both the inmate and his/her family. They are available on the website. He writes a daily blog on the JTC website http://jailtimeconsulting.com answering readers’ questions and comments. He is a nationally recognized authority on federal prison and has published over 40 articles nationwide. He has been contacted by ABC’s 20/20, the Oprah Winfrey network, the Fox News Network, as well as many radio and TV stations nationwide. He can be reached at 954-522-2254, 800-804-4686, or at mike@jailtimeconsulting.com.
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