Fleur De Lis Film Studios Announces New Books, “The Diplomat” and “Britt”

New books, “The Diplomat” and “Britt”, announced by Fleur De Lis Film Studios
By: Fleur De Lis Film Studios
New Books by Fleur De Lis Film Studios
New Books by Fleur De Lis Film Studios
Sept. 19, 2011 - PRLog -- Fleur De Lis Film Studios announced the new additions to its slate of publishing projects: “The Diplomat” and “Britt”. Both books are being penned by Angelo Bertolotti and Julia Davis. “The Diplomat” is a novel about the high stakes game of international organized crime. This dazzling fictionalized tale is set in exotic locales, adorned with unique vignettes known only to true insiders.

“Britt” is a non-fictional account of Brittany Murphy’s sensational life and tragic death. Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, is co-writing his daughter’s heart-wrenching true story with Julia Davis. The book will feature intimate details of Brittany’s childhood, her rise to stardom and tragic death.

“Britt was a natural born performer with the heart of a child and the voice of an angel. She was truly beautiful, inside and out. Brittany was not afraid to speak her mind and to stand up for what’s right. She selflessly risked it all to stand beside me in my darkest hour.  Now I’m determined to return the favor by going public with the most shocking revelations that have never been told before,” said Julia Davis.

“Britt’s name and character will sparkle, untouched by baseless attacks and hurtful innuendos. Once and for all, my daughter’s true story will finally be told,” said Angelo Bertolotti. The book will detail Brittany’s meteoric rise in Hollywood and expose the forces that covertly sent her career on a downward spiral. As a talented actress, Brittany had it all – impeccable comedic timing, a compelling talent for drama, unique beauty, melodic voice and an undeniable passion for telling the story. The only story she didn’t get to tell was her own. Bertolotti and Davis will write of Brittany’s romances, her marriage, fears, betrayals, threats, secrets and the perfect storm of destructive forces that have shattered her life.

“Britt” will also analyze the investigations and dispute the official version of events related to the deaths of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack, based on facts, reports, documents, test and toxicology results. The book will provide previously unavailable information and documents pertaining to the way the couple was mercilessly  targeted by the Department of Homeland Security and the DEA in retaliation for Brittany’s bravery, unwavering honesty and determination to help a friend.

Some of these events are also featured in a recently-completed documentary film “The Terror Within”  by Fleur De Lis Film Studios, having demonstrated that things aren’t always what they seem. A traffic stop is not always about an infraction. An attempted deportation is not always about a visa. A six-figure payoff to the shadowy government figure may be only the beginning of a deadly game of cat and mouse. Telling the truth can prove deadly.

When Brittany and Simon said their phones were wiretapped and they were subjected to surveillance by helicopters, their fears were dismissed as vain eccentricities of a troubled movie star and her much-maligned soulmate. In her last days, Brittany Murphy knew the terror of being stalked, experienced the fear of death, the inability to feel safe in her own house, the humiliation of being called paranoid and the paralyzing dread of the unknown. “Britt” will finally shed the light upon an incredible true story that has been suppressed from being covered by the media – until now, for even the darkness of death can’t extinguish the light of a bright shining star.

“Through this book and our simultaneous efforts to demand the completion of appropriate investigations, Brittany will finally have a voice and a chance for justice. It will also provide an opportunity to seek closure for the great many people who loved her. The truth shall be told,” said BJ Davis, President of Fleur De Lis Film Studios.

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