Angelo Bertolotti launches Brittany Murphy Foundation

By: Brittany Murphy Foundation
Brittany Murphy Foundation honors her legacy of generosity and love
Brittany Murphy Foundation honors her legacy of generosity and love
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Nov. 10, 2013 - PRLog -- To celebrate the life and career of the unforgettable actress Brittany Murphy, her father Angelo "AJ" Bertolotti created the Brittany Murphy Foundation. It will strive to provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to study and participate in creative arts, thereby enabling them to express themselves in a positive way.

Brittany Murphy was born Brittany Bertolotti on November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, GA. Since her childhood, Brittany believed she was destined to become a movie star. She began receiving accolades in regional theater at the early age of nine. At the age of thirteen, Brittany landed several national commercials. After moving to California, Brittany appeared in TV Series and caught her biggest break co-starring with Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless.” She continued to excel in other films, such as “Girl, Interrupted” with Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie, “Sin City,” “Uptown Girls,” “Just Married” and “8 Mile.” Brittany lent her vocal talents to the hit TV cartoon, "King of the Hill" (1997) as the voice of Luanne. She also performed as Gloria in an animated film “Happy Feet.”

Brittany Murphy suffered an untimely death, under highly suspicious circumstances. Brittany’s early demise and the death of her husband Simon Monjack were written off as natural deaths due to pneumonia and anemia, in spite of the fact that both of them exhibited strong symptoms of a possible poisoning. Years later, Brittany’s father secured the release of Brittany’s hair, blood and tissues for independent testing. Initial testing already detected a toxic substance and further tests are underway. The Office of the Los Angeles Coroner admittedly did not conduct any testing for poisons or toxins.

On the anniversary of Brittany Murphy’s Birthday, her father continues to seek justice for his daughter and honors her memory with a foundation that will keep her legacy alive and ensure an opportunity in the field of Arts and Entertainment for underprivileged children. The foundation epitomizes Brittany's generosity of spirit, fulfilling her dream to help others realize their full artistic potential.

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