The History of Polarized Sunglasses

People have realized the importance of keeping the sun from your eyes for thousands of years. Primitive versions of sunglasses have been found around the world.
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July 14, 2011 - PRLog -- People have realized the importance of keeping the sun from your eyes for thousands of years. Primitive versions of sunglasses have been found around the world. Most notably were the smoke tinted glasses worn by Chinese judges in the 14th century. The reasons for wearing sunglasses, however, have changed. Today, we now know that sun rays have UV and blue light which can cause long-term and short-term eye problems. They include cataracts and even forms of eye cancers.
Modern-day sunglasses were first created in the late 1920s by Sam Foster, who sold them in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They soon became popular among the general population, celebrities, and the military. In fact, the Army commissioned an optical firm to create special sunglasses for their Air Corps pilots to protect their vision while they were in the sky.
Polarized sunglasses were first made in the late 1930s by the Ray Ban company as an anti-glare aviator sunglass. The sunglasses were made in a specially designed shape to give the pilot’s optimal shade from the sun as previous designs allowed some light in when the pilot looked down at their instrument panel. The glasses were given to all pilots free as a part of their uniform. A year after they were made, the polarized sunglasses became available for purchase for the general public.
Polarization in sunglasses is a popular feature in sunglasses now. They are a predominating favorite among people who spend a lot of time around the water. The polarized lens reduces the glare from the reflecting light in the water. The polarization is applied to sunglasses in three different ways. The cheapest method is to have a film of polarized filtering applied to the outer coating of the sunglasses. The filter can also be placed between the lens’s layers. The most expensive and newest way is to combine the filter with the lens material. This process is done by adding the filter to the lens while it is still liquid. It delivers the highest visual quality.
Polarized sunglasses have now become the name of quality with specification it has but they had a history behind their popularity. The Roman emperor Nero watched gladiator flights with the help of emeralds. Chinese in 12 century used flat panels to protect their eyes. But now people use tined lens. This effort was made by James Avscough in mid 18 century.
Polarized sunglasses first introduced in 1936 by Edwin H. Land. He used to make patented Polaroid filter to make these sunglasses as an effective protective cover against harmful rays and light glare. He further explain his work with the rule of light passing through these lens in single plane and this make the sunglasses to eliminate the rays of glare from actual light rays. Normal sunglasses allow to pass light in many planes and they cannot minimize the glare effect of light on your eyes but only polarized sunglasses.
This was just beginning of the industry now know as polarized sunglasses industry. The best brands for these sunglasses are ray ban, Gucci, Prada .
Polarized sunglasses should not be used while driving. The polarization is known to create blind spots on windshields. They can also make it harder to read LCD readouts. Other forms of sunglasses should be worn while driving.
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