How can you use the Google Dance to Two-Step your way to business success?

Google and government are both big but there is always a “loophole”: How can you use the Google Dance to Two-Step your way to business success?
By: Dawn Damico
June 28, 2011 - PRLog -- Many businesses and marketers focus on their search engine rankings as a measure of how well they are accomplishing their marketing goals. And while this is a valid measurement, it can be frustrating when the rules for getting to that spot are always changing. It’s a precarious position to be in because one day you could be on page 1 of Google, and then the next you have been bumped to page 2 or even 3 for an unknown reason. This is what happens with an event known as the “Google Dance”.

So what can you do when the rule-maker changes the rules and you didn’t get the memo? What can you do when a “law” was implemented and nobody asked you, the business owner, what you thought about it? Are Google and their algorithms so huge that you are powerless to control the success of your own business?

These are the kinds of questions and frustrations that businesses ask when there is a change at the largest search engine. However, just like with any change, you always have the ability to control your response to it. You may not be able to control the algorithms, but you can still control the manner in which you run your business.

It’s always a good idea to take a step back to get a clearer view of the larger picture. You can watch this video for an idea of your options to the Google Dance:

A recent survey indicated that search, as an online activity, has actually decreased a bit. Internet users are busy doing other activities like watching video, checking their mail, making travel reservations, playing games, and getting directions. However, when they do go online for a search they want relevant information and news to help them with a decision or problem. So the first question to ask yourself is whether or not focusing solely on page ranking is a wise use of time and effort.

The second question to ask yourself is which things you do have control of in your business. Well, you can control your message, your voice, and what pieces of information you produce to deliver it. You control your content marketing strategy.

When people log on to the internet and conduct a search they are looking for something. That something, most often, is an answer to a question or problem that they have. As a business, ask yourself if you are doing a really good job of answering those questions. Do you have a good content marketing strategy in place that uses only top shelf content for your customers? Is there a plan to get a potential client engaged, returning to your site, taking some sort of action, and then telling all their friends about it?

People will talk about you when you have something worth talking about. If you create a content marketing strategy that includes articles, blog posts, video, webinars, eBooks and a host of other items you have the ability to get noticed. And, if you have great content worth talking about then the people who notice you will tell their friends about you through the simple acting of “sharing” your information with the click of a little icon.

When a large company like Google makes a move that affects your business, it can be frustrating. But what is more frustrating is knowing that you have something of value to offer potential customers and not knowing how to effectively get your message out. You need top shelf content and a content marketing strategy so that your information can be distributed to all the various platforms available on the internet. By getting people to talk about you and your company, it just might be possible for you to out-dance your competition.
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