Saving Wine Corks is Hugely Popular: Who Knew?

The importance people place on wine corks is surprising. Most people save them, maybe because they want to mark a special occasion or remember a particularly tasty varietal. Whatever the reason, Epic Style has seized on the trend with the Cork Cage.
By: The Right Angle, Inc.
Cork Cages have struck a chord with wine lovers.
Cork Cages have struck a chord with wine lovers.
June 22, 2011 - PRLog -- People routinely open bottles of wine to mark special occasions and rites of passage. And since saving bottles can lead to difficulties relative to storage and breakage, the memento of choice is often the humble cork. But where do wine lovers store their tiny treasures?

In a recent episode of Grape Encounters Radio, Host David Wilson talked with program presenting sponsor Matt DuBow of Epic Products about the tools of the trade. One of the leading purveyors of wine novelty items, Epic conceptualized, designed, produced and distributes a popular, inexpensive, attractive product that’s perfect for the purpose of storing wine stoppers: The Cork Cage®. DuBow and his staff are surprised at the way the Cork Cage has taken off.

“We developed the Cork Cage because we thought it would be a fun way for people to store their corks and use them to decorate their homes,” says DuBow. “But we’ve been blown away by the product's success. People don't just love wine. They love wine corks! So the Cork Cages have become our best selling product.”

The results of a recent informal survey provide a window into the reasons for the product’s popularity:

Question: Do you save your corks?

Survey says...I keep them because they are natural. They record the history of our wine drinking and they represent actual moments in be remembered.
   ~Karen M.
I save them for my son, not sure what he plans to do with them. Whatever it is, he has to have cork. Sad thing is, I give him wayyyy tooooo many even without out those rubber ones.
   ~Donna P.
I use to save my corks until I found the perfect one to plug the hole in my kitchen floor! When I see it I smile, remembering all my wine drinking memories and dream of my future ones...
   ~Karla F.

Yes, they make a cool back splash, and other cool projects, like lining the bottom of a tray, etc.
   ~John C.
Yep... hole plugging, tip topper for knives and pointy things, little "perches" for potted plants - to keep pots off the surface, bobbers for the kids' fishing.... we use ‘em all the time. Oh, I slice ‘em thin and glue them to the bottom of chair feet. I usually have more than I can use, though.
   ~Leslie L.

I also use corks to prop up my mobile phone (clock) while I'm studying...
   ~Karen M.
Used to save them but one of our distributors partnered w/ a cork recycle place and now we have a bin at our store.
   ~Carrie B.
Saving for some future kitchen remodel that will incorporate corks in some natural artsy display.
   ~Karen W.
I save the corks. Stick paper clips in them and paint them to look like Shakespearean actors. Then I dramatize As You Like It for a sock puppet audience.
   ~Andy A.

I do, and I'm not sure why, but I save my screw caps too.
   ~Clive P.
Corks are great for crafts: Bulletin/Photo Boards, Kitchen Magnets, Trivets/Hot Pads/Coasters, Picture/Mirror Frames...more.
   ~Miles H.

Fishin’ bobbers.
   ~Terrill L.
To re-float the Titanic of course! Back in the 80's somebody thought they could do it with ping-pong balls. Ping-pong balls would crush of course, but cork on the other hand!
   John T.
If it was a “special bottle” I used to write the name of the people I enjoyed that particular wine with on the cork and then put it on a “wreath” of wine corks.
   ~Curt B.
I like to make stuff out of them :)
   ~Susan C.
I just recently started to save the corks for posterity because I started to see that many wines are now bottled with rubber corks.
   ~Luis C.
Yes my friend and I are. We haven't decided what to do with them yet?
~Vanessa W.

Cork Cages® are a fun and innovative way to keep and cherish wine memories. Available in a variety of styles and colors, they feature handcrafted metal work and vibrantly colored glass spheres. For more information about the Cork Cage, visit

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